Altec DB37 Easily Towed on New Smart Wagon TSW-HD

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The newly designed Smart Wagon TSW-HD is ideal for transporting compact, heavy duty machinery like Altec's DB37 backyard, track-mounted digger derrick. This dynamic duo increases jobsite capabilities by making the most out of equipment and travel time. Enjoy all of the storage space, ergonomic entry points, and functionality of the tall and short rack Smart Wagon options with the added benefit of transporting heavy and light duty machinery and cargo.

The Smart Wagon TSW-HD offers virtually zero tongue load on the tow vehicle, creating a mobile storage unit that can be taken to the job site behind a service truck or other single-axle work truck. The Smart Wagon follows the truck in the exact tracking pattern, allowing the ability to turn corners and navigate alleys with a compact swing turning radius. Once at the job site, the Smart Wagon can be easily disconnected from the truck to serve as a mobile work station while the truck performs its intended functions.

The easy portability of The Smart Wagon combined with the DB37 increases operator productivity regardless of location or terrain. This track-mounted derrick can easily pass through small gates, entryways or backyards to perform work in areas a larger piece of equipment would not fit.
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