Big Data and Machine Intelligence to Dominate 2014

TORONTO, June 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, 2014 will herald the "arrival of big data and machine intelligence." A new born baby is now exposed to 60,000 times more information than is contained in the U.S. Library Of Congress.

"Big Data" is a nascent technological endeavor that organizes the volume and velocity of data into practical business utility. Big Data revenues are growing six times faster than the over-all IT sector.

AnalytixInsight (TSX.V:ALY) has developed proprietary technology that algorithmically analyzes big financial data and distills it into actionable insights. ALY's flagship product CapitalCube provides high-quality financial research and analysis for investors, financial portholes and media. The content is algorithmically generated with over 100 billion data computations performed daily to analyze over 50,000 equities and 1500 ETFs.

The software pours through financial statements and company filings, giving a real-time birds-eye view of a company while unearthing hidden subplots that could radically increase investor risks or rewards.

Big Data success stories include Database and Middleware Sales company Oracle Corp– up 26% in the last 12 months; Information Management Integrator Attunity – up 44% in the last 12 months; and Virtual Infrastructure Technologies provider EMC Corp – up 100% in the last 5 years.

AnalytixInsight has established licensing agreements with financial news agencies, web portals the London Stock Exchange, Dow Jones and its subsidiaries – and mostly recently Samsung – that has made the CapitalCube mobile application Stockwall available on all new devices, exposing the platform to Samsung's millions of users.

"We had the Samsung launch at the end of May on the floor of the Italian Stock Exchange," states AnalytixInsight Chairman Prakash Hariharan in an exclusive interview with Financial Press, "About 200 guests attended. We viewed it as a precursor to a pan-European launch. The response to the pre-loaded app was overwhelming, and Samsung declared us one of the most innovative companies they have worked with. Stockwall will be a flagship financial platform for Samsung that will be a pre-loaded application in all Samsung devices including Smart TVs."

Samsung accounts for about 30% of global Smartphone and Smart TV sales.

"There are about 250 plus million Samsung devices," confirms Hariharan, "If you look at the numbers, the revenue potential, it is definitely a blue-sky scenario. But 'user engagement' is also critical because one thing we know from companies like Facebook and WhatsApp is that engaged users can eventually be monetized. A preloaded financial platform in Samsung devices will be the beginning of a new initiative for Samsung in the financial domain and enables Analytixinsight to provide the driving content."

ALY's technology is "Industry Agnostic"; it is not limited to financial analysis and is scalable to other data-driven industries like e-commerce, communications, healthcare, insurance or government. But Hariharan has identified the financial sector as the first in a series of initiatives planned for the company.

"I discovered that financial data providers charge staggering sums of money to provide some basic services like real-time quotes," stated Hariharan, "It is obvious that the chain needed to be compressed. I predict that the margins for using financial data as a commodity will continue to shrink. The changing landscape provides a fantastic opportunity for Analytixinsight, because we are able to process financial data and generate an actionable narrative, for an extremely low-cost point."

The Stockwall app, downloadable from the Samsung Apps store, allows users to view real-time stock prices, information, research and analysis from more than 20 major world stock markets on more than 50,000 listed companies across the globe.

Samsung is making a big push into the mobile space in the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) applications – which are looking to big data analytics to provide flow of information.

The creative and financial synergies between Samsung and AnalytixInsight are appealing. Samsung enters the financial data space with a white labelled tool already installed on their devices, and ALY partners with a hardware leader that is selling millions of cellphones and Smart TVs in eighty countries around the world.

The deal with Samsung is a big opportunity for a young technology company, but Hariharan does not plan to grant exclusivity to any one company. He envisions the Analytix platform installed on a myriad of device brands.

"Our next big milestone is the execution of the Stockwall launch," confirms Hariharan, "and we will providing regular updates to the market about the number of downloads and user engagement."

While the B2C and B2B side of ALY's business is likely to be the short term catalyst, long term revenue growth may be in content-licensing to institutional groups, retail investors, banks and agencies who want to use ALY's technology for their own applications. The B2B side is particularly appealing in this regard for a content provider like Analytixinsight.

"There is a startling lack of mobile solutions for big data providers," stated Hariharan, "You can see the world changing. Apple TVs are merging content with IPads. Netflix is changing the way dramatic TV is watched. I envision similar changes with sports and business news-casting and I believe ALY has an important role to play in this transition."

Larry King recently sat down with Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AnalytixInsight to discuss investment research, big data, and the services provides for investors.

The research firm IDC predicts that Big Data is going to generate $16 billion in 2014.

ALY is currently trading at .39 with a market cap of $11.6 million.

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