CyberFlow Analytics Awarded 'Cool Company' 2014 Distinction by San Diego Venture Group

CyberFlow Analytics

SAN DIEGO, June 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CyberFlow Analytics, a cyberthreat detection company that prevents the loss of intellectual property assets from espionage and advanced persistent threats (APTs), today announced that it has been named one of the 'Cool Companies' for 2014 by the San Diego Venture Group (SDVG) from among more than 180 applicants.

"This award recognizes companies that represent San Diego's dynamic and diverse business climate," said David Titus, president, SDVG.

The awardees will showcase their solutions to more than 700 attendees and 100 venture capitalists at the annual SDVG Venture Summit on June 19. The event connects top entrepreneurs from the area with investors from Southern California, the Bay Area and throughout the U.S.

"With presence in both San Diego and San Francisco, CyberFlow Analytics is straddling the two hottest tech centers," said CyberFlow President Tom Caldwell. "As a military town with government in force and telecom companies, like Qualcomm, dominating the area, San Diego is an ideal city for start-ups and a productive environment to grow a company like CyberFlow."

CyberFlow Analytics' software will monitor network "flows" and machine-learn the normal behavior of enterprise device communication. Once a baseline of normal activity is established, the software will detect and identify devices with anomalous high risk behavior that can be correlated back to cyberespionage techniques.

At the upcoming summit, CyberFlow will have a display table, participate in a pre-event networking reception and receive an annual membership to the SDVG. To learn more and see the complete 'Cool Companies' list, visit

About CyberFlow Analytics

CyberFlow Analytics is a cybersecurity company led by a team of industry experts that protects the intellectual property (IP) of enterprises from corporate espionage and advanced persistent threats (APTs). CyberFlow focuses on persistent, long-term cyberattacks by increasing the intelligence of a network to detect stealth-like threats to data security of organizations in heavily regulated industries where keeping data and intellectual property secure is vital to their mission. To learn more, visit

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