Ford Motor Company Expands Use of Aptean to Selected Manufacturing Plants in South America, Europe and Asia

ATLANTA, June 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ford Motor Company has expanded its use of Aptean's Activplant solution to help drive continuous improvement in selected manufacturing plants around the world. Activplant is currently installed in selected Ford plants across North America and will be implemented in additional plants in Europe, South America and Asia. The Activplant solution collects and analyzes data from the plant floor, providing insight and intelligence to help drive efficiency improvements.

"Ford Motor Company is one of the greatest companies in American history and this expansion shows their continued commitment to innovation and efficiency in their global manufacturing processes," said Paul Ilse, chief executive officer, Aptean.

With Aptean Activplant, plant floor information is made available across the enterprise to gain insight into manufacturing performance, in real-time. The solution makes every production "event" available for immediate response from operators and supervisors, providing a first-hand understanding of the reasons for production peaks and valleys so companies can confidently plan for expected results. Learn more about Activplant:

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