Jim Cramer—stock wizard by day, busboy by night

Inside Cramer's restaurant

Jim Cramer's favorite way to unwind after a long day on CNBC is hanging out at Bar San Miguel, his Mexican bar and restaurant located in Brooklyn.

"I love Mexico, it's an enchanted place." Cramer said. "So when the opportunity came up, my partners and I brought back all this authentic Mexican decor to try and recreate the vibe, the atmosphere of our favorite vacation spot, a cozy, relaxed place where friends and family can share a delicious food and top-notch tequila at reasonable prices"

The same frenetic energy Cramer brings to television is evident when the place gets really crowded. "I swing into action, pour water. bus tables, clean the bathroom, whatever needs to be done. I just want a first class experience."

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"When we first opened, I was obsessed with our P&L, looking at every hour to see how we were doing on a given night. And I had to slap myself and say 'Stop it!' This place is not your portfolio! Customers are not stocks! This is not like looking at Apple or Netflix ticking up or down! When it comes to running a restaurant, you have to step back and not be like a stock trader, and think more like a long-term investor."

Bar San Miguel, Jim Cramer's restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

"It's not like I'm the Warren Buffett of small plate Mexican in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn," Cramer admits. "But I can go table to table and say 'Hi,' which I do, and try to make our customers feel good. And they make me feel good. It's just a huge amount of fun and I like it."