Secret Lives of the Super Rich


Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Super-rich pets that live better than you

Super-rich pets that live better than you

Sources: CNBC(TL), Rose Peslar (TR), AcrylicAquariums (BL), Le Petite Maison (BR)

We know the super rich live in luxury, but did you ever wonder how their nonhuman best friends live?

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By CNBC's Heather Schnepf
Posted 10 June 2014

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This dog's home is a castle

Source: La Petite Maison

You have to really love your best friend to drop as much as $25,000 on a home they won't even be living in. Yep, that's right!

La Petite Maison specializes in creating custom-designed doghouses for pet-obsessed owners. These miniature homes are priced anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.

The pet pals of model and actress Rachel Hunter are among the super-rich pets that get to call one of these doggy pads their playhouse.

Built to replicate Hunter's Mediterranean-style home, this $10,000 doghouse includes handcrafted terra cotta flooring, roof tiles and wrought-iron fixtures. The inside is decked out with canine-friendly wallpaper and artwork.

These puppy palaces give a whole new meaning to "man's best friend."

Pooch-sized showers

Image source: CNBC

Here's a must-have for super-rich pet owners who want to pamper their pooch: a custom-built doggy shower.

From California to New York, the super rich are installing these in their megahomes so their four-legged friends can be bathed in style. The canine shower can even be customized to the exact height of the lucky pooch.

We found this high-end dog shower in a mansion in Alpine, New Jersey, known as "Stone Mansion."

Luxury fish living


If you were a fish living in an aquarium, you could do a lot worse than living inside this 33,500-gallon tank designed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

The $1 million tank is located at Guy Harvey Outpost, a TradeWinds Island beach resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

The resort's pets, which include fish indigenous to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, get to swim around the massive salt-water tank while guests of the Guy Harvey RumFish Grill watch them go by.

But the best part? Humans get to dive in and enjoy a whole new world.

The man behind this resort and restaurant, Guy Harvey, is widely known for being a marine wildlife artist and an avid marine conservationist. One of his original pieces of artwork could cost you around $38,000. The restaurant, and its wonderful fish tank, were created through a partnership between Harvey and TradeWinds Island Resorts.

First-class flying-fish

Source: Jeff Ong | PostRAIN Productions

But if your super-rich fish prefer ponds, you might want to check out how these koi live.

In the backyard of a megamansion in Los Angeles, there is a pond filled with some very expensive pet fish that live a very nice life in a custom-built water garden.

These fish fly, too. The owner said the koi, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars each, made their journey from Japan to this ritzy Hollywood address via airplane, often hand-carried in first class.

Mansions fit for a horse?

Source: Rose Peslar

They may look like they're fit for a king, but these megamansions are actually fit for a horse.

These are "homes" worth tens of millions of dollars in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods for the super rich in Florida today.

The horses here live near the largest winter equestrian festival in the world. And you can bet that the closer your property is to the competition grounds, the more cash you'll be dropping on your horse's megamansion.

And if you can't afford to buy, you can rent a stable during the season for a mere $16,000 to $20,000.

A super-rich horse that lives to breed

Source: CNBC

Sex and relaxation are the only two things this horse has to worry about.

Meet Tapit, the number one stallion in the nation.

Tapit's bloodline is one of the most sought-after in the horse world, which hikes up his stud fee to a whopping $150,000. Yep, that's right. This horse gets paid to have sex. And apparently this is a steal considering experts say Tapit is worth about $50 million.

Three factors are involved when determining a great racehorse: pedigree, race record and physical looks.

Tapit has it all, and at Gainesway Farm in Kentucky, where he brings in $15 million in just one year, he's treated like a king.

"Secret Lives of the Super Rich"

Secret Live of the Super Rich

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