a.s.r. Uses ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC for Critical Network Monitoring and Maintenance

UTRECHT, Netherlands, June 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADVA Optical Networking announced today that a.s.r. is using its Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) for network monitoring and the provision of real-time performance insights. With multiple billions in annual revenues and over 4,000 employees, a.s.r. is one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands. As such, its transportation of mission-critical data is vital. a.s.r. requires the most robust network monitoring solution possible. Any network intrusion, data loss or downtime could have significant operational and bottom line repercussions. ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team is working alongside trusted partner, TrueCom, to provide a.s.r. with rapid onsite support and proven 24x7 support.

"Insight and intelligence are the cornerstones of our team, the cornerstones of our company. Our customers always expect us to be one step ahead," said Richard Kruiswijk, team manager, I&O Datacenter, a.s.r. "Why should our network be any different? We need to know everything that's happening here. We need to know our data is safe and secure - that there are no surprises, no unseen issues lurking in the network. That's what ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team provides us. They enable us to focus on our customers, focus on driving our business forward while they oversee and monitor our network. Combine this with the local response of the team at TrueCom and you have something special. Something that enables you to stand apart. You have a true competitive edge."

ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC is based primarily in Atlanta, USA, and is responsible for monitoring some of the world's most critical network infrastructures. One of the first facilities of its kind to be TL9000 certified within the USA, GNOC offers a range of services tailored to specific networking needs. These services include monitoring, maintenance and management. ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team has worked closely with a.s.r. to develop an exacting solution that addresses specific network demands. Working side-by-side with TrueCom, a.s.r. now has a support plan that matches global expertise with rapid local response. TrueCom is a member of ADVA Optical Networking's Partner Ecosphere Program.

"Trust, confidence, knowledge - these are the values that are at the heart of GNOC, that set it apart from anything else out there," commented Fabrice Jean, vice president, North & Southwest Europe Sales, ADVA Optical Networking. "The impact our GNOC team can have on a network, on a business, is enormous. With GNOC, you no longer need to worry about your network, no longer need to worry about its performance. You just need to ask what do I want from my network, how can it better serve my customers. We take care of the rest. That's what attracted a.s.r. to our GNOC, to our team. To a.s.r., GNOC isn't a nameless service, it's a key part of the organization, a key part of its competitive edge. When combined with TrueCom, a.s.r. has a winning solution: Global knowledge, local response."

"Our customers trust us with their data, they trust us with their business, they trust us with their future," noted Wim Huisman, CEO, TrueCom. "This is something that we never take for granted, something that drives our team to be the best they can possibly be. With a.s.r., we've helped to develop a network monitoring and maintenance solution that will ensure the most robust business continuity solutions possible. Along with ADVA Optical Networking's GNOC team, a.s.r., know there is always someone watching, someone monitoring, someone ready to respond to any network issues. What does this mean in reality? Peace of mind and the ability to focus on your core business, on your customers."

Watch the latest GNOC video for more information: http://adva.li/gnoc.

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