Cleva Ushering in a New Age of Noise-Free Cleaning

SHANGHAI, China, June 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Cleva CDM1210S, VOC1230SF, VQ1120SD and VP20812P are among the new line of products from the Cleva Group, a global high-end environmental-friendly electronics and appliances manufacturer in Suzhou.

At this moment, while the global economy is down in a slump, the e-commerce industry and mobile internet network is taking off at lightning speed in China. According to the their spokesperson, Cleva group is planning to bring the Cleva brand to the Chinese market riding on the new wave of e-commerce and mobile internet this year, allowing the 1,300,000,000 Chinese consumers to enjoy Cleva's state of the art technology at rock bottom price. Whether or not Cleva will succeed in the new Chinese e-commerce market could only be decided in due time.

Since more than ten years ago, Cleva's factory has already been manufacturing products for the World's leading brand vacuums like Bosch, Dewalt, and Karcher based in Suzhou, China. Additionally, Cleva group has maintained long-term partnership with global retail chains tycoons like Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, B&Q, Adeo, Obi, HRG group, etc.

All over the world, across 78 countries and regions, over 3.5 million new Cleva users would be added every year. From the tip of Alaska to the canal of Panama, from the edge of England to the strait of Russia, and all across the Australian continent, people are clamoring for the new Cleva product. Cleva's Director of Product Designs remarked that "just a year ago, we only had 15 [product] designers, now we have over 50. Considering the state of the global economy, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know just how well we are doing."

Cleva group is a culmination of international partnership, with designers from America, Europe, and China. It takes care to make sure each product is flawless in its from its appearance and functionality to user experience, fully embellishing the company's motto of "attention to every detail". Abiding by the company motto, Cleva never fails to come up with new internationally-renown award-winning products.

According to the product designers at Cleva: "What we pictured is a vacuum that can actually do what a vacuum is supposed to do: clean everything spotless." A vacuum isn't just about looking sleek and pretty. The main selling point of Cleva CDM1210S is its functionality: using patented design technology, it emits a sound at only 56dB, which is only just slightly above the level of the 'tick tock' of a regular alarm clock; with its 6 filtration levels, it makes sure to leave everything spotless. And not only does it make home look cleaner, it also creates a more comfortable living environment for everyone.

For most customers, cleaning never can be a pain.

Jessica who is a young mother from New York, has come to love cleaning. "cleaning is truly one of life's greatest pleasures!"

After buying Cleva CDM1210S, Tom showed off pictures of his "precious" on Facebook, and commented "My Partner here is so handy! He took care of all the dog hair in my house, two whole freaking dogs!"

Likewise, Mary shared her own experience of how she transformed from a spoiled princess to a bona fide hard-working and clean-loving housewife after using the Cleva CDM1210S.

On Twitter too, Ida shouted out that the air in her house felt much purer and cleaner after using Cleva; the pragmatic Bob commented that Cleva isn't just for show--with its ease of use and all its different options, it cleaned every corner spotless: "This vac does not seem to have a lot of power but that is comparing it to a large 30 gal wet/dry vac. It's decent with dust and light items. It really was the only one that would mount to the wall and the price wasn't too bad."

CONTACT: Joley Ning jn@cleva.bizSource:Cleva Group