Reterro Doubles Size of Fleet for Soil and Waste-Stream Cleaning

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PLEASANTON, Calif., June 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reterro, Inc., an emerging green remediation leader in eliminating hydrocarbon contamination from soil and ongoing waste streams, announced today that it is doubling the size of its system fleet for on-site earth cleaning. The new systems will be ready for deployment to customers in the Third Quarter of 2014.

The fleet expansion comes a month after Reterro's initiation of a practice specifically designed to serve heightened demand from the U.S. oil and gas industry in the Texas-Oklahoma energy corridor. It also follows the doubling of Reterro's corporate facilities earlier this year.

The fleet employs the Reterro Principle™, which removes hydro-carbon waste from soil and attains the desired clean-up level. The company's small on-site footprint and flameless process assure immediate certainty in safe soil and waste-stream remediation. The units attain the specified clean-up levels in a matter of hours.

The Reterro Principle™ is unsurpassed in speed-to-completion, cost-effectiveness and compliance in preventing ongoing contamination. The result is a rejuvenation of previously unusable locations, which in many cases have been rendered dormant for decades.

Public administrators are especially appreciative of the Reterro Principle™'s elimination of the need for hauling contaminated soil across their jurisdictions. Public health and safety concerns frequently lead officials to object to these kinds of shipments, which are almost always by large trucks that add public concerns related to issues such as fuel emissions and a potential for increased traffic accidents. Project managers in one of Reterro project's have estimated that they have succeeded in preventing 2,800,000 miles of contaminated shipments by large trucks.

"As we reported in our overview of the First Quarter of 2014, Reterro is seeing increasing demand for its green remediation solutions and is undergoing significant growth and financial strengthening," said Reterro Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand Seemann. "Reterro offers the fastest and highest quality clean-up levels of any technology in the market today. Large-scale customers and local communities alike are increasingly endorsing our high-value proposition."

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Reterro, Inc., provides the foremost compliant and curative green remediation solution for tens of thousands of locations worldwide that are government-mandated to clean ongoing hydrocarbon waste streams and undergo soil remediation for existing hydrocarbon contaminated waste. Uniquely effective in urban, populated and space-constrained environments in which health and safety restrictions prohibit any other competing technologies, Reterro is unrivaled in mobility, cost-effectiveness and speed-to-completion, with a record of 100% certainty of efficacy.

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