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Ignore the calendar, it’s tax time: Cramer


Jim Cramer says this is a good time to talk taxes. And he's well aware that it's almost summer.

"Ordinarily, this is not the time of year when I'd recommend buying a tax preparation company," Cramer noted. But these are anything but ordinary circumstances.

Cramer was talking about H&R Block, a company that he's recommended for quite some time as a beneficiary of all the confusion being generated by the new tax codes.

"For example there are new rules coming from the Affordable Care Act," said Bill Cobb, the President and CEO of H&R Block on "Mad Money". "It's complicated and most individuals don't understand it. But we do. And we'll be prepared next tax season to help people navigate through this."

That's one reason to like H&R Block, and after sifting through recent earnings, Cramer found another reason.

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In its year-ending quarter, the consumer tax services company earned an adjusted $3.24 a share, a penny higher than what analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters anticipated. Revenue of $2.56 billion surged 16 percent year-over-year and beat estimates of $2.49 billion.

"That's a fantastic quarter," Cramer noted.

Although earnings and the complicated tax codes may be two good reasons to own the stock, Cramer sees yet another reason; and he finds it equally compelling.

"The company is selling off its internal bank business to BofI Federal in a deal that should close this September," Cramer explained.

Until the deal closes H&R Block remains classified as a bank holding company and is therefore subject to strict rules and restrictions, including how much cash they can return to shareholders via dividends and buybacks.

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"However, once the bank business gets sold, though, the company will be free to return much more money to its shareholders, and given that they have $2.3 billion in cash and equivalents on the balance sheet, there could be a monster return in store for those who own a stake in this company."

All told, Cramer sees every reason to own shares. "Do the homework. Then, you'll understand why I'm so excited."

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