TweetDeck app disabled following hack with a personality

The Twitter banner hangs at the NYSE.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
The Twitter banner hangs at the NYSE.

Twitter lit up on Wednesday as users of the TweetDeck platform found themselves the victim of a hack that caused their feeds to fire out spam to other users. The spam—in the form of html code-filled tweets—was the result of the XXS virus, which can spread via a tweet or re-tweet.

Once users became aware of the issue on Wednesday morning, many tweeted confused rants and queries…

...which was echoed by social media editors across the country.

Then just as TweetDeck was about to implode on itself, the folks at TweetDeck quickly issued a "fix" for the hack…

...but then just as quickly revoked it, saying that rather than logging back in to TweetDeck, users should definitely, absolutely, positively do anything but that.

Some folks, however, were not concerned, shouting from the rooftops that not using TweetDeck was the best thing they decided to do with their Wednesday.

It's worth adding that some people really liked the heart emoji, despite its connotation:

And per usual, most Tweeters used the opportunity to employ sarcasm mid-hacking:

TweetDeck has yet to update further as to the status of the fix. The whole issue didn't seem to impact Twitter shares very much.