The Movie & Music Network (DIDG) Outlines Aggressive Growth Plan

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HOLLYWOOD, June 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Movie & Music Network (OTCQB:DIDG), the Hollywood, California-based online content provider, formerly known as The Digital Development Group, is reporting a subscriber increase of over 100% since June 30th, 2013.

Enthused CEO Martin W. Greenwald, "Even though we're very excited about our growth to date, our current plans bode well for stellar growth for the second half ending December 31st.

The company's content offerings have increased considerably in the past quarter with the growth of its channels in lockstep with company's marketing initiative on the Roku platform, which represents the core of their distribution.

"At the launch of Roku (March 8), we had 13 channels in operation and about 1500 hours of our content streaming from the web," continued Greenwald. "In three short months, we now have 34 channels on our network and over 3000 hours of our content."

Greenwald cited specific initiatives expected to significantly accelerate growth. "Our core demographic, 18 to 45, watch most of their content on mobile and tablet devices, and we are acquiring and producing content aimed at that market. We are confident that our launch of Apple's iOS application next month will be a key milestone for us. Once successfully launched, we will concentrate on the launch of our Android and Amazon apps. The launch of multiple platforms will positively impact the rate of subscriber acquisition beginning in the second half."

"This is all timed to coincide with the launch of our upcoming cannabis channel, MJ360, scheduled for the first half of July. Clearly MJ360 is aimed at the 18 to 45 crowd, and with the implementation of our Apple app, we stand to gain an extraordinary amount of traction. The channel will be more toward the entertainment and lifestyle side of the culture--provocative, historic, and irreverent. And, as we accelerate our channel and content count, we're initiating our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program to increase our subscriber base. I'm more optimistic than ever about the company's prospects, as our programming and marketing efforts move forward."

The CEO didn't flinch, however, in addressing unmet expectations. "It's true we've had a few false starts and delays with the release of the mobile apps, but that has now been resolved. And, while I'm acutely aware that we have work to do in rebuilding shareholder value and confidence, I've always believed, and continue to believe, that the company's fortunes rest on the execution of its action plan. And that plan is being implemented every day."

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