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PORTLAND, ORE., June 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail Interactive announced today the release of Engagement Analyzer, a customizable framework that enables marketers with different subscriber bases and purchase cycles to identify distinct consumer segments based on email engagement patterns and purchase behavior, and consequently optimize revenue through targeted messaging.

With Engagement Analyzer, the newest product release from Yesmail, Yes Lifecycle Marketing's email marketing solutions provider, marketers are able to gain a comprehensive picture of what their most (and least) engaged subscriber segments look like and incorporate lifecycle email strategies to move subscribers from one engagement segment to the next. This allows marketers to increase customer retention, develop better program triggers, and manage their subscriber base more effectively.

In addition, Engagement Analyzer offers detailed reporting that enables marketers to track subscribers through the entire customer lifecycle. By identifying at what stage subscribers are most likely to drop off (stop purchasing and/or interacting with a brand's messages), Engagement Analyzer gives marketers the opportunity to develop pre-emptive strategies to prevent customers from becoming inactive – both in terms of email engagement and purchase activity.

"Yesmail's Engagement Analyzer provides custom database segmentation and automated program execution that requires minimal resources and effectively reaches each subscriber segment of a marketer's audience," said Dan Hall, vp product & technology, Yesmail Interactive. "This gives marketers the ability to develop messaging that's uniquely relevant for the targeted segment and implement programs that work towards a specific goal."

Engagement Analyzer gives marketers the ability to:

  • Track subscribers through the entire life cycle
  • Improve their understanding of email engagement and multichannel purchase behavior
  • Customize subscriber segments based on their unique audience, purchase cycle, and business objectives
  • Develop programs that deliver higher ROI resulting from improved campaign effectiveness
  • Measure campaign performance for each customer segment

"Marketers often struggle to define customer engagement beyond email opens and clicks," said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "With Engagement Analyzer, they can effectively link email behavior to purchase behavior to get a comprehensive picture of subscriber activity as well as overall program effectiveness."

Engagement Analyzer bridges the gap between program strategy and execution by providing a customizable automated segmentation framework that allows for marketing programs to be developed and executed in an automated fashion.

For more information about Yesmail's Engagement Analyzer, we well as other digital marketing tools, please click here.

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