Google is best company in the world: Julian Robertson

Tiger's Julian Robertson big fan of Google & Uber

Legendary investor Julian Robertson is making a big call—putting Google as the No. 1 company in the world.

Google is a "company that has a moat around it that is so wide, no one can breach it," Robertson said in an interview on CNBC's Closing Bell. The tech giant is "developing new devices at all times, people aren't aware exactly where it will ever stop."

Robertson is also a big fan of Uber, which is now valued at about $17 billion after its latest round of funding.

"I think Google owns 20 percent of Uber," Robertson said. "No one ever thinks of Google when they jump into an Uber, but I think it sort of shows the advances they can make in this automatic type machine economy that we will eventually end up with."

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Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson.
Source: CNBC

Robertson, who is the founder of Tiger Management, not only likes Uber, he uses it. But how often? "Whenever I can't get a cab" he said.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Robertson loves Gilead, which he dubbed a "pharmaceutical steal."

"It's a model of technology company within the drug area—they really have a cure for hepatitis C, they have some wonderful AIDS drugs …They've shown great ability to buy companies at the right price," he said.

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Beyond investment strategies, Robertson also made a big call on who he thinks is the greatest investor in the market today.

"The man I respect the most in the business, and he's in the hedge fund business, is probably Stan Druckenmiller. He's just so smart and so good and so up on everything. I think he's fantastic investor."

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—By CNBC's Donna Burton