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Top game apps of far

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Best of mobile gaming 2014

Mobile gaming is on the rise, both in numbers and in revenue. By the end of this year, mobile apps will secure 27 percent of the global games market with revenues of more than $21 billion, on track to surpass that of TV and hand-held consoles combined, games market research group Newzoo reported.

To find out which apps are leaders in this mobile growth, has put together a list of the top game apps for 2014. Website founder John Oldshue said it compared nominations by family and friends with the top five games by 2014 downloads in the puzzle, action, sports and strategy sectors.

Some of the results are not intuitive. "Just looking at them, not playing them, I would have never thought they were popular," he said. Since the study was done in March, games that became more popular in later months such as the tile-sliding game "2048" didn't make the list. "If we were writing it today, it would be in it," Oldshue said.

—By CNBC's Evelyn Cheng
Posted 12 June 2014

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