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Best of mobile gaming 2014

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Mobile gaming is on the rise, both in numbers and in revenue. By the end of this year, mobile apps will secure 27 percent of the global games market with revenues of more than $21 billion, on track to surpass that of TV and hand-held consoles combined, games market research group Newzoo reported.

To find out which apps are leaders in this mobile growth, has put together a list of the top game apps for 2014. Website founder John Oldshue said it compared nominations by family and friends with the top five games by 2014 downloads in the puzzle, action, sports and strategy sectors.

Some of the results are not intuitive. "Just looking at them, not playing them, I would have never thought they were popular," he said. Since the study was done in March, games that became more popular in later months such as the tile-sliding game "2048" didn't make the list. "If we were writing it today, it would be in it," Oldshue said.

—By CNBC's Evelyn Cheng
Posted 12 June 2014

"World of Goo"

Source: 2D Boy

In this game, you build bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins and giant tongues out of squirming goo so that you get as many goo balls as possible into a tube. Although 2D Boy launched the game more than five years ago, players still enjoy playing with the globs of talking goo.

"Candy Crush"


Like, "Connect Four," but sweeter. The addictive app by emits a delightful ring every time you successfully connect three or more of the same kind of candy in one row. Different required tasks at every level mix up the play.

"Cut the Rope"

Source: ZeptoLab

Rather than connecting pieces of candy, this time you're satisfying a creature's sweet tooth by cutting ropes attached to candy at strategic times in this game by ZeptoLab. For a change, you can play variants such as "Cut the Rope: Experiments" and "Cut the Rope: Time Travel."

"Words with Friends"

Source: Zygna

Scrabble goes digital in Zynga's multiplayer, mobile version. You can play with both friends and strangers by forming words with letters on a grid board and building points.

"Rayman Jungle Run"

Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft takes the Rayman character of video game consoles to mobile. Unlock levels, such as the Land of the Livid Dead, by collecting coins in a dash through the jungle.

"Angry Birds"

Source: Rovio Mobile

Created by Rovio Entertainment, this classic smartphone game uses colorful cartoon birds to knock over blocks that destroy evil green pigs. Try your hand at spinoffs such as "Angry Birds Rio," "Angry Birds Star Wars" and "Angry Balloons."

"Where's My Water?"

Source: Disney

To play this game from , dig a path through dirt to a hose at the bottom of the screen so Swampy the alligator can get a bath. Look out for the poison that can taint the water.

"Temple Run"

Source: Imangi Studios

Dash along the ancient temple walls and sheer cliffs with your prize—a cursed idol. As you run, watch out for the Evil Demon Monkeys and the obstacles that game creator Imangi Studios has added along the way.

"Virtua Tennis Challenge"

Source: SEGA of America

Swing your racket through different tennis courts with this mobile sport simulation from . The highly realistic features of the system let your athlete do trick shots and build new skills throughout the game.

"Need for Speed Most Wanted"

Source: EA Mobile

Based on the popular video game, this app by uses real car specs for breathtaking races. Earn speed points to upgrade your car as you challenge friends.

"Real Boxing"

Source: Vivid Games

Vivid Games brings stunning audio and visuals to simulate a live boxing match. Choose to challenge your opponent in world-class arenas ranging from Las Vegas to London.

"New Star Soccer"

Source: Thumbstar Games

Dribble your way through the soccer field and up different levels. The graphics from Thumbstar Games aren't as detailed as others on this list, but the play can be just as exciting.

"Clash of Clans"

Source: Supercell

In this game from Supercell, build your village and troops from the ground up to battle other players on the network. Reach your ultimate goal of expanding your kingdom by invading the land of others, all while protecting your own people.

"Hay Day"

Source: Supercell

Supercell beat Zynga to the smartphone with this mobile farming game that resembles "Farmville." Grow crops and raise livestock on your virtual farm and trade with friends, all without access.

Waking Mars

Source: Tiger Style

Explore Earth's neighboring planet while growing your own plants and aliens on it in this game from Tiger Style. As the game's storyline unfolds, the farming and astronomy mix gets more complex the longer you play.