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ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., June 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foresight Research announces publication of the 2014 auto show marketing reports.

The 2014 Auto Show Immersion Report™ was released this week with a fresh new look, packed with valuable marketing information and insights for auto marketers and auto show producers. Did you know that over 85% of auto show attendees are there to shop cars and trucks? Or that over half of all auto show attendees are influenced by the show in their auto purchase? The Auto Show Immersion Report™ is built around the top six reasons that auto shows are a compelling marketing tool, illuminated through purchase influence by brand, messaging, segments, demographics and much more.

Foresight is also building on the successful Auto Show Best Practices series which began in 2013 with a report dedicated to attracting and converting attendees. "Each year our studies uncover new, compelling insights, trends, and/or issues about how auto shows influence car purchases," said Bruyn, "the Best Practices reports are designed to capture Foresight learning about a specific marketing issue, and consolidate it into one handy resource."

2014 best practices reports are scheduled to be released mid-July. The first is Auto Show Best Practices - Women Rising™, about how the 25% increase in percent of women attendees over the past five years change auto show marketing and displays; and Auto Show Best Practices - Ride and Drives™ which focuses on converting riders and drivers into prospective buyers.

"Together, the joint value of the reports provide a 360-degree view of auto shows from attendance, to shopping behavior at the show, to how the shows influence auto purchases," Bruyn describes. "We have yet to run into a consumer-based auto show question that we can't answer."

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Foresight Research specializes in syndicated and custom studies focusing on the key influencers of purchase decisions in automotive and marine industries. Since 2008, Foresight Research publishes several syndicated reports each year that provide information, strategies and best practices to help auto companies and their partners build, position, and support marketing insights and actions.

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