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Inside the 'ThighMaster Mansion'

Inside the 'Thigh-Master' mansion

It's a hidden estate, surrounded by 70 acres of land, on the mountainside of one of the most exclusive desert towns in all of California—think of it as the "ThighMaster Mansion."

The 10,000-square-foot mega-estate, located in Palm Springs, is the secluded desert oasis of best-selling author, TV star and the legendary "Queen of Infomercials" Suzanne Somers and her husband, former TV host Alan Hamel.

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It is here in this home where the couple agreed to a deal that would help America tone up its legs and ultimately turn the ThighMaster into one of the most successful fitness products ever sold, with more than $100 million in sales.

Inside Suzanne Somers' mansion in Palm Springs, Calif., this is one of the 12 bathrooms in her 10,000-square-foot estate.
Source: Lance Gerber | Nuvue Interactive

Speaking of workouts, if you're not up for the long walk up to the house (it can't be accessed by car), you can hop into a cable car that will whisk you up the mountain to the front door.

Behind those doors are 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and bonuses like a hidden wine cellar. Nearby are famous neighbors like Barry Manilow and Leonardo DiCaprio.

All of these touches make this house very exclusivenot to mention expensive. Valued at about $14.5 million, the "ThighMaster Mansion," is one of the most expensive homes in all of Palm Springs.

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—By CNBC's Erica Emmich

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