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10 exciting video games to look out for

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10 exciting video games to look out for

The worst part about E3 is the waiting.

After ingesting a flood of information for hundreds of titles and watching their excitement levels rise to critical peaks, players now must sit back and be patient. Some of the games won't be out for months. Others could take years.

Figuring out which will top sales charts is always a dangerous exercise. Publishers show carefully controlled demos of small segments of their games, specifically designed to pique interest. It might be fun in a five-to-10-minute microburst, but truly terrible after an hour of gameplay.

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As we do each year, we've compiled a list of the games most likely to perform well when they hit stores. That doesn't mean they'll be critical smashes, but they're likely to connect with today's gaming audience.

Here's what turned our head at this year's E3.

—By Chris Morris, special to