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10 exciting video games to look out for

10 exciting video games to look out for


The worst part about E3 is the waiting.

After ingesting a flood of information for hundreds of titles and watching their excitement levels rise to critical peaks, players now must sit back and be patient. Some of the games won't be out for months. Others could take years.

Figuring out which will top sales charts is always a dangerous exercise. Publishers show carefully controlled demos of small segments of their games, specifically designed to pique interest. It might be fun in a five-to-10-minute microburst, but truly terrible after an hour of gameplay.

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As we do each year, we've compiled a list of the games most likely to perform well when they hit stores. That doesn't mean they'll be critical smashes, but they're likely to connect with today's gaming audience.

Here's what turned our head at this year's E3.

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Made by the creators of "Halo," "Destiny" looks to be one of this year's sure bets.

Set 700 years in the future, the sci-fi action game, which has already received a 10-year commitment from publisher Activision, is absolutely breathtaking, with a focus on co-operative play.

That focus, though, doesn't eliminate the single player story progression. Developer Bungie blends the two wonderfully into a dynamic world where players save the day—and the human race. (Due out Sept. 9, 2014)

'Batman: Arkham Knight'

Warner Bros.

The Arkham series of Batman games have been among the best super-hero games to hit consoles, so hopes are high for this concluding chapter.

And from what was on display at E3, fans should be happy.

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The game, set one year after 2011's "Batman: Arkham City" pits Bruce Wayne's alter ego against the Scarecrow, who has brought together the Caped Crusader's enemies to permanently put an end to Batman's reign.

You'll swing around the city and stealthily prowl rooftops as you have in previous games, but this time, you can also summon the Batmobile. (Due out 2015)

'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare'


"Call of Duty" has never been a particularly light-hearted series, but Advanced Warfare could be the darkest installment yet.

Set in 2054, the game focuses on private military corporations who fight for the highest bidder.

Kevin Spacey plays the CEO of the chief contractor—and he sure oozes evil in the snippets we've seen.

Add in exoskeletons, hoverbikes, mechs and cloaking technology and this could silence "Call of Duty" naysayers for a while. (Due out Nov. 4, 2014)



It's one of those ideas that just makes sense.

Take Nintendo's sizable lineup of characters and follow the same real toy/virtual toy model that has made Activision billions of dollars.

"Amiibo" gives Mario the Skylanders treatment, letting players raise and train characters in game—and giving kids and collectors something to hold onto in the real world.

It won't turn the company around—and may not completely salvage sales of the Wii U, but industry insiders say it's one of the smartest moves Nintendo has made in past two years. (Due out holiday 2014 )


Take-Two Interactive Software

Developer Turtle Rock Studios showed with the "Left 4 Dead" series that it knew how to make multiplayer games that appealed to everyone, even people who don't like multiplayer games.

"Evolve" is the next step.

Teams of four hunters seek to take down a monster, controlled by other players.

It's the hybrid of a shooter, sci-fi game and hide and seek. It's one of the more unique titles of the year—and if it can stand out in a crowded month, it could become one of the go-to franchises of this generation. (Due out Oct. 21, 2014)

'No Man’s Sky'

Hello Games

The standout game from Sony's E3 press conference wasn't a big franchise—or even the long--awaited debut of a next generation "Uncharted."

It was a stunning trailer that mixed open world space flight with beautiful worlds, some inhabited with dinosaurs.

Developed by a small four-man team, "No Man's Sky" is a huge game, where every player starts on a unique world, eventually exploring the universe. It's insanely ambitious, but it was a welcome break from the space marines and shooters that were so prominent. (Due out TBD)

'Assassin’s Creed: Unity'


It might be an annual franchise, but this year's "Assassin's Creed" seems in some ways like a new beginning.

Set in the French Revolution, this year's installment features cooperative multiplayer gaming, letting you storm the Bastille among other things with three of your friends.

The graphics are stunning, recreating Paris to the smallest detail—and the action doesn't stray too far from what fans love. It's an iteration, but a significant one. (Due out Oct. 28)

'Halo: The Master Chief Collection'


"Halo" is the reason Microsoft's Xbox succeeded—and with Halo 5 not coming out until next year, Microsoft is counting on nostalgia to keep fans satiated.

"The Master Chief Collection" includes Halo: Combat Evolved (the 2002 original game), Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4—as well as a digital series overseen by Ridley Scott that will set the stage for next year's fifth installment in the saga of the Master Chief. (Due out Nov. 11)

'Grim Fandango'


How does a 1998 game make it onto a 2014 must-have list? When it's developer Tim Schafer's critically adored game set on the Mexican Day of the Dead, that's when.

This remastered version of the cult hit is something fans have been asking—no, begging—for for years.

Genuinely funny characters, a wonderful story and a soundtrack that combines big band, jazz and multiple international music styles make this a gaming classic that's still relevant today (Due out TBD)

'Oculus Rift/Project Morpheus'


Virtual reality is getting more and more promising—and both Sony and Oculus had plenty to show this year.

While there's still no date on either VR headset, gamers waited for hours to try them—and came out smiling. Whether your preferred platform is the PC (Oculus' focus) or the PS4 (Sony's, naturally), there seems to be a bright future ahead for the virtual world. (Due out TBD)