Las Vegas Veterinarians Launch "Back to the Box" Campaign as a Solution for Inappropriate Elimination in Cats

LAS VEGAS, June 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a Las Vegas veterinarian, the most common complaint among cat owners is the issue of inappropriate elimination. The commonality of inappropriate elimination problems is what led Dr. Terri Koppe, Dr. Cathy Berquist, and Dr. Alissa McCormick of the All About Cats Cat Veterinary Hospital to put their heads together to develop a package that specifically addresses the problem of inappropriate elimination. The doctors are introducing the "Back to the Box" Behavior consultation and Screening Package designed specifically to address the issue of cats who don't always follow their litter box training.

"The issue of not using the litter box may be a behavioral issue, or something might be medically wrong," according to Dr. Alissa McCormick. The "Back to the Box" Package helps address both behavioral and medical causes. It includes a behavioral consultation, an examination, a urinalysis, X-rays, and blood work bundled at a discounted price. Clients who enroll in the "Back to the Box" Package will also be provided educational booklets and a free starter kit of cat food that promotes urinary health.

The doctors are particularly concerned about inappropriate elimination because it's the leading reason cats are turned in to animal shelters. Dr. Berquist understands the frustration of dealing with this issue saying, "Some owners even feel their cats are behaving spitefully by peeing outside of the litter box, and don't ever seek advice from their vet. Often it's a matter of bladder or kidney problems, or some other medical condition that can be treated if brought to the vet's attention."

The Las Vegas veterinarians explain that bladder and kidney problems make urinating painful, and cats with these conditions often avoid their litter box due to the pain. This condition, though, can be remedied with the right treatments.

The "Back to the Box" screenings offered by All About Cats Veterinary Hospital can quickly identify medical conditions that might impact a cat's ability to make it to the litter box in time, says Dr. Koppe.

The clinic offers help for owners who are struggling with their cat's behavior issues. "It's usually not vindictive behavior when cats leave a wet spot on the carpet. It's most often a sign that the cat simply dislikes its litter box," cautions Dr. Koppe. "Cats may have different preferences when it comes to litter box type and location, brand of litter, and other factors that the average cat owner may not even consider. We help owners understand the problem from the cat's point of view."

Area cat owners can schedule a "Back to the Box" Consultation and Wellness Screening by calling All About Cats Veterinary Hospital or by visiting the clinic during normal business hours.

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