Little Rock Chiropractor Introduces New Back Pain Solution With DRS Protocol

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Little Rock chiropractor has introduced a new, non-invasive treatment for a wide range of back injuries including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatic pain, facet syndrome, degenerative discs, tingling and numbness in legs, and residual pain from failed back or neck surgeries. The chiropractor says most types of neck and low back pain are treatable with the DRS protocol.

Dr. Dwight Stewart, of Pain Care Associates says he understands how serious chronic back pain is to those suffering from it. "Back pain is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, traditional treatments have fallen short of the lasting relief so many patients are looking for. This new protocol promises relief without the same degrees of risks that go along with surgical procedures."

The Little Rock chiropractor goes on to say that the DRS protocol is not one singular treatment, but a combination of therapies that have been effective in conjunction with each other for treating serious back problems, such as disc conditions.

Included in the protocol are a wide and effective range of treatments such as axial decompression, vitamin therapy, exercises, chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, mind-body connection, and more. Each treatment is customized to the individual patient's needs.

"The treatment is safe for elderly patients, and many professionals in the medical community refer patients for DRS protocol rather than invasive back and neck surgeries. Invasive surgeries often provide greater risks and lower returns," said Dr. Stewart who has emphasized that he has successfully used the protocol to treat patients suffering from a wide range of back conditions.

Dr. Stewart encourages back pain sufferers curious about whether this treatment is viable for their pain to consider a consultation. He added, "While the DRS protocol is available as treatment for a wide range of pain levels and underlying condition, no patient is accepted into the protocol without first undergoing a thorough examination."

The examination includes a consultation, X-rays (if needed), orthopedic exams, neurological tests, and more. The Little Rock chiropractor adds that he prefers to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the mental health and physical wellbeing of patients interested in protocol treatment. The Little Rock office has both chiropractors and physical therapists working together, which Dr. Stewart says means that difficult cases can be handled more effectively. He adds that the collaboration also sets Pain Care Associates apart from other health care providers.

The doctor concluded, "For many chronic, long-term back pain sufferers, the idea of life without back pain sounds too good to be true. We hope that the DRS protocol from Pain Care Associates is changing those negative thoughts one back at a time."

In addition to the protocol, Pain Care Associates offers other treatments for patients, including auto accident recovery treatments and pain management, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments.

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