BMC Unveils Solution to Help Customers Automatically Cap Mainframe Overspending

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HOUSTON, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For decades, IBM® mainframe customers have managed mainframe workload capping strategies manually, constantly shifting workload allocations to manage costs and meet business demand. Those days are now over, thanks to the latest mainframe innovation from BMC Software.

Available now, "intelligent capping" software from BMC helps IT professionals dynamically optimize utilization for their zSeries mainframes, optimizing monthly license charge (MLC) spend and reducing the need to invest in additional capacity for peak workloads. On average, companies that actively manage their mainframe workloads save 10-15 percent more on their monthly license charges than those who use a more passive approach. Using BMC software that understands workloads, makes dynamic adjustments, and automates workload capping, can reduce these costs, while also diminishing risk to the business.

Through painstaking manual processes or homegrown tools, many IT organizations have tried capping on their own. Others have abandoned efforts due to fear or early failures that delayed critical workloads, such as order entry or online banking. Recognizing that reality, the BMC Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise® product offers customers a variety of optimization levels that yield immediate returns on their capping strategy. Using a phased approach, customers can confidently implement capping and stay in control of their business at all times, ensuring that their most critical workloads are not delayed, while capping other, less critical workloads to optimize capacity.

Key Facts

  • The BMC Intelligent Capping product helps customers reduce their IBM mainframe software MLC – which is typically based on a peak four-hour rolling average – by 5 percent or more by optimizing capacity utilization across all logical partitions (LPARs), avoiding added-capacity purchases.
  • The BMC Intelligent Capping technology supports workload classification attributes with customer-set policies to control changes in capping and optimize resource usage in a way that mitigates risk to business services.

BMC Intelligent Capping improves IT staff productivity and re-directs IT spend to support other initiatives.

Supporting Perspectives

Tim Grieser, program vice president, Enterprise System Management Software, IDC:

"BMC Software's new Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise will help users to take better advantage of workload capping capabilities to control costs and reduce business risks. Capping made easier will increase effectiveness and reduce manual steps needed to optimize mainframe operations."

Bill Miller, president, zSolutions and Select Technologies, BMC Software:

"Coming on the heels of the IBM mainframe's 50th anniversary, we're excited to introduce new innovations that address a major pain point for mainframe customers. Intelligent Capping cuts significant costs and frees unused capacity for other business needs, while reducing risk and improving staff productivity, which should be no-brainers for active mainframe users."

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