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ATLANTA, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today announced the launch of Convey Engage, a new cloud-based SaaS solution designed to provide better engagement for channel sales organizations. Convey Engage is a Partner Management Platform that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events. Information and resources are added to the platform directly by manufacturers, vendors or suppliers for their agents, brokers or distributor networks to access.

Convey Engage was first introduced into the telecommunications market as a customizable online site branded for master agent organizations, and divided into content catalogs that are managed and populated by vendor partners. A Convey Engage site is free to the master agent, and fully administered by Convey Services. Each site is supported by small monthly vendor contributions and site advertising.

"Convey Engage improves sales effectiveness by consolidating vendor content, training, promotions and events into a single location, making it convenient for agents and distributors to access," said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services. "The telecommunications master agent market has been a perfect proving ground for Convey Engage. In this market, technology has made a dramatic shift to cloud-based applications and managed IT services in a very short period of time. Independent telecommunications agents need more industry knowledge to stay current with trends and keep pace with ever-changing offerings. Convey Engage provides a one-stop location to connect and train all agents within a channel sales group, without any cost to the master agent or distributor."

Convey Engage was first implemented with Chicago-based X4 Solutions in 2012 as the X4 Knowledgebase ( X4 Solutions is a top tier telecommunications master agent organization with over 500 sales partners across the country.

"We launched the Knowledgebase using Convey Engage so our vendors could more effectively engage with sales partners," according to Curt Allen, President of X4 Solutions. "Vendors provide enhanced training, industry intelligence and product updates, which are invaluable in educating our sales partners. Our goal is to promote, educate and reward agents by providing them with extensive industry and product knowledge. The X4 Knowledgebase helps our team generate more incremental revenue by becoming a trusted advisor for their customers."

Convey Services assumes total responsibility for building and managing every Convey Engage site for each master agent or distributor. This includes branding, site customization, on-going support, the onboarding and training of vendors, along with generating site analytics. Convey consults with vendors or manufacturers to ensure that they know how to optimize their catalogs and showcase content that is both informational and educational. Catalog owners have control of posting information on their individual site and can gain additional visibility through sponsored banner ads, featured content and events on the home page.

Convey also promotes Convey Engage sites to individual agents and a distributor's field team by delivering weekly emails alerting them to new content, promotions and special events. This outreach ensures that the agent community visits the site on a regular basis.

About Convey Engage and Convey Services

Convey Engage is a cloud-based Partner Management Platform that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions and events to improve communication between manufacturers and vendors and their distributors and brokers. It allows suppliers to easily engage channel resellers with up-to-date product information and training by hosting product content and events from multiple vendors on a single managed site. Convey Engage keeps distributors and brokers better informed to improve product sales and customer support. Conveyis feature-rich, easy-to-use, and customizable. Individual sites come online quickly, without IT support.

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