New Literary Thriller "The Kilgore Curse" Weaves Tale of Treachery, Murder, and Revenge

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DALLAS, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New crime novel, "The Kilgore Curse: A Literary Thriller of Treachery, Murder, and Revenge" (Brown Books Publishing Group), by Larry Pivnick, MD, JD, tells the tale of lies, vengeance, and Texas-sized feuds as attorney Frank McNamara struggles to uncover the secrets of his family's past. This thriller, inspired by real events and set in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, will quickly draw readers inside with its compelling story line and fast pace.

At a chance encounter at his wife's gravesite, McNamara meets the survivors of a Latino family who claim that his great-grandfather stole their land and murdered their relatives to cover up the theft. He learns that in 1948 the Cortez and Kilgore families had co-existed peacefully in a Dallas neighborhood until a mysterious family feud erupted, resulting in the slaughter of six people.

McNamara vows to discover the truth and make amends for his ancestors' role in the tragedy. During the investigation, he becomes embroiled in a minefield of treachery and murder. As the mystery unravels, he must face avaricious real estate developers, bloodthirsty mob hit men, and even his boss at the law firm to uncover the truth.

As he doggedly strives to shatter "The Kilgore Curse," McNamara—a former elite Army Ranger sniper—must maneuver the delicate legal processes of his occupation, while fighting to protect his son and the woman he loves from the unexpected dangers that accompany his discoveries. He must see justice done yet uphold his professional duties to defend the law and preserve his clients' secrets.

He struggles throughout with his contradictory opinions on weapons because in every instance, weapons are used to defend law-abiding citizens or to bring criminals to justice. He doesn't advocate violence; he simply champions self-defense.

Pivnick reveals that "many of the characters are distillations of people I have known." However, "He maintains the historical accuracy of Texas in the Wild West, intertwining familiar imagery with his take on the rough lifestyle of historical Dallas, to create the perfect setting for this gripping mystery."

The idea for "The Kilgore Curse" evolved after a run-of-the-mill discussion Pivnick was having with a close friend who disclosed a true story involving a hostile blood feud between two families in the Dallas area many years ago now. "I was so moved by the almost unbelievable saga, I wondered what dispute between those families could have been so egregious that they began killing each other and questioned the reasons why the two opposing families were buried in adjacent graves," Pivnick said. "So I devised a narrative to explain the situation involving a real estate deal gone wrong because of unscrupulous developers and created several characters from each side of the dispute to weave a lurid plot around it."

"The Kilgore Curse" is a story that readers of all backgrounds can relate to. From beginning to end, Frank McNamara's journey is captivating, drawing the audience into a page-turner that keeps them wondering who will survive—and who won't.

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About the Author

"The Kilgore Curse" is Larry Pivnick's first published novel. It is the culmination of his multifaceted education, extensive experience, peripatetic travel, and unfettered imagination. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he has practiced family medicine in Dallas, Texas, for the past thirty-six years and law for twenty. He has received numerous "Patient Choice" awards and "D" Magazine recognition for outstanding medical practice. He recently retired in order to dedicate himself to writing fiction full time, and resides in Dallas with his wife Linda, his devoted wife of forty-three years.

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