Target apologizes to 'disappointed' Canada shoppers

After a series of gaffes entering the Canadian market last year, including high prices and a rushed expansion, Target took to the Internet to issue an apology to its shoppers in The Great White North.

In a YouTube video posted last week, members of Target's Canada team talk about their excitement to bring the bullseye retailer to the country, only to undergo a series of missteps—and criticism—when it opened more than 100 locations in a year.

"Maybe we didn't put our best foot forward when we entered into Canada. We had some disappointments when we opened. Certainly we think we disappointed our guests," said Damien Liddle, Target Canada's senior corporate counsel, in the clip. "But here at headquarters and at our store teams we're working really hard to give everybody that unique Target experience."

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Other members of the retailer's Canada team admitted mistakes in inventory management, including well-publicized out of stocks throughout the stores. The employees said, however, that they are making changes—including daily shipments and customer research—to better meet shoppers' needs.

Target spokesman Eric Hausman said the video was not developed as part of an ad campaign, but was instead created to be shared among the Target Canada team. Target Canada President Mark Schindele, who was appointed to the role last month when Tony Fisher exited the company, posted the link to Twitter last week.

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Target isn't the only retailer to take such an approach after disappointing customers. Last year, J.C. Penney ran apology ads after CEO Ron Johnson's failed attempt to remake the retailer.

By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson