$346,000 Lamborghini slams into high-end Moscow storefront

A $346,000 Lamborghini Slams Into High-End Storefront in Central Moscow.
Source: RU News

Lambo lovers may want to avert their eyes.

According to Russian media reports, a $346,000 Lamborghini crashed into a high-end shop in Moscow.

The reports said, according to Business Insider, that the car was being driven by the 29-year-old manager of Russian musician Armen Grigoryan.

The driver said he lost control on the slippery road and skidded onto the sidewalk before smashing into a storefront on the upscale Petrovka Street in central Moscow. The street is home to TsUM, the most renowned high-end department store in the Russian capital.

The uninjured driver was reportedly sober during the crash.

Click here to read the full report in Business Insider.

—By CNBC Staff

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