Cramer: Optimists laugh all the way to the bank

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Jim Cramer likes to step back and look at broad trends in the market. And right now he's noticed that skepticism has cost pros more than a few dollars. Optimists have fared much better.

For example, Cramer said there were plenty of skeptics in the market ahead of Wednesday's Fed decision.

"I'm sure there was plenty of short selling," Cramer said. With inflation lurking, Cramer believes pros were looking for Fed chief Janet Yellen to talk about higher rates, and in turn, trigger a selloff.

But the skepticism didn't pan out.

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"First, at 2 p.m., when the Fed released its statement, it signaled no big change. Then, Janet Yellen talked about noisy inflation numbers in her press conference," Cramer noted, suggesting inflation didn't pose any immediate threat to the economy.

In turn, stocks did not sell off and shorting the market in anticipation of a decline turned out to be a mistake.

The phenomenon is hardly limited to the Fed decisions and Yellen.

Cramer says the same is true of Iraq. Early reports of violence triggered significant skepticism, "With plenty of investors betting against the market," Cramer said. But despite media reports, lately the market seems to be telegraphing that Iraq has reached a high water mark. With oil going down and oil sensitive stocks such as airlines rallying, Cramer noted, again the skepticism didn't pay.

Or look at corporate earnings, the "Mad Money" host added.

"I was worried about Adobe. I thought Adobe might disappoint, and as a big cloud play, it could send the whole cohort lower." But even Cramer's skepticism wasn't warranted. Adobe stunned the Street with better than expected results and a return to growth after five straight quarters of year over year declines.

Cramer said these kinds of events are playing out in almost every corner of the market. And he thinks the takeaway is pretty clear.

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Even with the market at or near all-time highs, broad skepticism just isn't profitable.

"Skeptics are simply losing money," Cramer said. "And they have to scramble to get back in the market at a higher price point than where they left. Optimists, however, are a different story. They're not getting faked out of their positions. They're simply laughing at the skeptics, all the way to the bank."

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