Webinar: EMV Concepts and Terminology, June 26th

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HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C., June 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paragon Application Systems is presenting a free EMV webinar, EMV Concepts and Terminology on Thursday, June 26th at 1:30pm. Deborah Spidle, Paragon's Director of EMV Solutions, will present the complimentary webinar.

A successful EMV implementation begins with a solid understanding of chip card processing. Even to financial industry professionals, the changes required for EMV can be overwhelming. That's why Paragon has developed a series of webinars and online training classes designed to provide a solid foundation in EMV.

In this 40 minute webinar, EMV Concepts and Terminology, we will cover the following topics as they relate to EMV:

  • Online vs. offline functions
  • PIN verification
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Authentication methods
  • Cardholder verification methods
  • Fall back (technical and CVM)
  • Summary

To register for the webinar, email info@paragonedge.com

"In our recent EMV webinar, we addressed many business-related topics, such as reasons to migrate the EMV, and the benefits and challenges of EMV," says Deborah Spidle, Director of EMV Solutions for Paragon Application Systems. "In this webinar, we will start to dig deeper into the details you need to know if you will be involved in an EMV project."

Paragon also provides customized, onsite training and consulting to customers desiring a more in-depth understanding of EMV and how it will impact their entire organization. Paragon is the only US-based company to have received accreditation from MasterCard to provide EMV training and guidance.

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Paragon Application Systems is celebrating its 20th year of providing ePayment simulation, configuration and testing software solutions to the financial industry. More than 600 financial institutions in over 90 countries use Paragon tools to improve quality and reduce time-to-market. Paragon has helped customers around the globe with their EMV implementations. We start with training to help customers understand what EMV is and all of the acronyms associated with it. Then we work to develop the right plan for EMV implementation including providing the right set of test tools to validate EMV migration. Visit Paragon Application Systems at www.paragonedge.com, follow our blog at www.emv411.com, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter @ParagonEdge, Facebook, or email info@paragonedge.com.

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