Healthy, educated and productive, Connecticut lures firms

When business leaders ask what Connecticut can offer their companies, I simply tell them to look at the facts. We have one of the best educated and most productive workforces in the nation, and we lead in patents, business R&D and venture capital deals.

Our corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the nation, and our GDP per capita is one of the highest. We are strategically located between Boston and New York City, within reach of one-third of U.S. consumers and, not least of all, offer a high quality of life, safe communities and great schools.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy
Source: Governors Office | Connecticut
Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy

Connecticutalso boasts major ports and airports located conveniently around the state. We're an international business hub, in the nation's Top 10 in per capita exports and No. 3 in direct foreign investment, which is why several foreign corporations have already established the headquarters of their American subsidiaries right here in Connecticut.

When you need to stretch your resources without compromising quality and demand the highest possible productivity, you need the kind of expertise that few places in the world have more of than Connecticut. Our ranking as the nation's fourth most innovative state has caught the attention of foreign and domestic investors alike, leading to our ranking as seventh in the nation for venture capital deals.

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If Connecticut were a country, we would rank seventh in the world for productivity—even higher than the U.S. itself. Connecticut has a long and successful history as a manufacturing proving ground. This means that when you work with the most skilled hands in your field, you're able to bring new ideas to reality with greater ease and produce higher-quality products with exceptional efficiency.

One reason we believe Connecticut is so productive is that our residents comprise one of America's most educated labor pools.

Simply put, our people have a passion for learning. We are above the national average when it comes to educational attainment, rank third for people holding advanced degrees and have 33 percent more scientists and engineers in our workforce than the national average. This benefits Connecticut companies in two key ways:

  1. Our colleges and universities have advanced training programs focused on the technologies leading the way in the 21st century. This means you can be sure that graduates not only come into the workforce with a strong skill set but employers also spend less on training.

  2. What's more, our universities have already been entering into world-class R&D partnerships for years, so companies know they can tap into the extraordinary knowledge at Yale, UConn or any one of our state universities. This is the kind of synergy that accelerates progress.

"Our ranking as the nation's fourth most innovative state has caught the attention of foreign and domestic investors alike, leading to our ranking as seventh in the nation for venture capital deals."

If you ask me how we attract the top people in a variety of industries and then keep them, I would tell you that we offer an amazing quality of life. Connecticut is No. 1 in America in per capita income—proof that achievers in all fields call our state home.

We offer people outstanding schools and universities, a rich cultural life and world-class dining and entertainment. Your employees can find top-quality urban, suburban and rural housing in a wide range of styles for many budgets. Families enjoy 250 miles of beautiful shoreline, spectacular state parks and pristine rivers and lakes.

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We're the healthiest state in America, one of the lowest for obesity rates and percentage of adult smokers. Connecticut also ranks among the top states for doctors per capita, with world-renowned hospitals and a robust health-care system. To employers, those statistics translate to fewer sick days impacting productivity and, to employees, it means a great quality of life.

These are the qualities that make our state such a great place to live, work, invest, relocate and start or grow a business.

By Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy