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— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 19, Thursday.

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Amazon is looking to stoke the flames of consumer demand - Taking a chance in the smartphone space - with the launch of its "Fire Phone" overnight.

But does the e-commerce company have what it takes to challenge dominant players like Apple and Samsung?

Josh Lipton has more.

Amazon delivering its fire phone. CEO Jeff unveiling the phone at the event in Seattle in Washington. in terms of the spec. 4.8 inches diplay and he was saying it's the perfect size for the phone. He talked a lot about camera super fast lens also image stabilization to counter the natural trauma from the hands. He actually compared the pictures in his phone to its new rivals Apple and samsung. Amazon saying they were working on this projects for years and they waited til they have the tech to set them apart from their rivals. The tech they called "dynamic perspective", basically 4 cameras in the phone that tracked your face, it creates this sense of more depth when you look at the phone. Its give you a better sense when you play the game. Another piece of tech is called "firefly". When you hold down a button , firefly will detect and identify 100 millions different objects. These can be physical objects and then you could actually buy on amazon. Some folks are saying this isn't a phone but a new shopping machine. IN terms of price, AT&T will be the exclusive carrier. You can preorder the phone right away and it will 199 dollars for a two year contract and it ships on July 2015. Josh lipton CNBC, Seattle Washington

Amazon is betting that this new product will draw more customers into its ecommerce ecosystem

But do analysts think the company is on the right track?

Here are some views:

[JASON MOSER / Senior Analyst, Motley Fool] "Having something that was a differentiator was obviousy very key here and I don't think that this is necessarily gimmicky. I'm not sure how quickly exactly the consumer will take to these features. Just a very very early stage of the development of this phone product. But it's definitely exciting."

[JAMES MCQUIVEY / Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester] "This is not something that Amazon has the skills to do. Providing wireless data plans, connection to a phone carrier. This is all brand new for them. And as a result it's going to be very hard, even with the hardware specs that they're pushing to convince people to come and see it Amazon's way."

[JAN DAWSON / Chief Analyst, Jackdaw Research] "What Amazon really failed to do today was to show off any kind of feature that made that truly useful. It showed some things that give it a cool factor perhaps. It'll be good for demo in an AT&T store if people would go check it out. So I think it will drive people into stores to go look at the phone, but I don't think anyone's going to buy this phone just because of that 3D effect."

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