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Cramer: These 2 companies executing perfectly

Pervasive and complacent negativity at root of rally?

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If you're looking at all stocks though the same lens, Jim Cramer thinks you're making a mistake.

"I am a big believer in examining the management of a company," Cramer said. "I believe how well they're executing is among the best ways to figure out what is going to happen with an individual stock."

And had you been holding the following two stocks as a vote of confidence in the company's leadership, you'd be up month to date.

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For quite some time, Cramer says Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has been building value for shareholders. But it's been obscured by concerns about the economy, coffee prices and more.

However, had you just examined the fundamentals of Starbucks, you would have seen that Schultz, "expanded the menu to other dayparts, introduced new drinks, and started an aggressive rollout of Teavana anchored by Oprah Chai. And last week he gave employees access to a tuition free college degree from Arizona State University," Cramer said. "That also builds long-term value by retaining employees."

Cramer says all of these catalysts provided fundamental reasons to own the stock. And if followed the fundamentals and ignored the market noise, you'd be up almost 9 percent in 30 days.


Cramer says Kroger is a similar story. That is, the company's execution provided fundamental reasons to own the stock.

Over the past 3 months, Cramer says the company has put more emphasis on its popular private label products. "They carry big gross margins." Also, "Kroger made a push into organic, natural and fresh produce," he said.

Those two fundamental initiatives were largely behind . "They didn't just beat, the results were spectacular," Cramer said. "And Kroger raised forecasts." Shares rallied 5 percent in only one day.

The lessons here are that the gains in both stocks weren't due to macro catalysts such as the Fed or Iraq. They were due to smart decisions made at the top for the benefit of the individual companies, and by proxy, their shareholders.

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"Sure, a wave of futures buying or selling can carry stocks up or knock them down. But if you take the time to identify the stocks of good companies, with solid balance sheets, strong prospects and quality management, I believe you'll do much better than pros."

"That's the bottom line," Cramer said. "Let Starbucks and Kroger be a reminder that individual companies matter, and good management can generate value, no matter what happens in Washington or elsewhere."

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