Fallbrook Technologies Inc. Announces NuVinci(R) Core(TM) Software Tool Now Available for Use with Simulink(R)

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CEDAR PARK, TX, TEXAS, June 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook), inventor of the NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission technology, today announced that it has joined the MathWorks Connection Program. As a result, NuVinci CoreTM, a tool that enables users to assess the CVP technology for their design applications, will be availablefor use with Simulink® from MathWorks. The MathWorks Connections Program is available to third party organizations that develop and distribute complementary, commercially available products, training, and consulting based on MATLAB and Simulink. These partner offerings address technical needs across a wide range of applications and industries worldwide with software and hardware products that extend the usage of MATLAB and Simulink. These solutions seamlessly integrate with MathWorks products and ensure ongoing compatibility in conjunction with new MathWorks releases.

"Fallbrook is delighted to be part of the MathWorks Connections Program," said Jeremy Carter, Vice President of Product Development for Fallbrook. "Having a system simulation block for Simulink is a major step forward in making it easier for engineers to evaluate for themselves the benefits of incorporating NuVinci CVP technology."

Tools within Fallbrook's NuVinci Software Suite have been successfully utilized for a number of years by Fallbrook employees and licensees in designing and refining traction transmission drives incorporating NuVinci CVP technology. Fallbrook is now – for the first time ever – making some of these tools available for other companies to assess how NuVinci CVP technology might work within their own applications. NuVinci Core is a new product from the NuVinci Software Suite that is designed to provide dynamic system modeling capabilities. It was introduced in a beta version on May 14 at the 8th International CTI Symposium North America, in Rochester, Mich., and is now available from Fallbrook as a block for Simulink®.

Simulink is a block diagram environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design. It supports simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification of embedded systems. For more information on the NuVinci Core, visit www.fallbrooktech.com/software/core. For additional information on Simulink, visit www.mathworks.com.

About Fallbrook Technologies

Fallbrook Technologies is the developer of the patented NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, which can improve the performance and efficiency of machines that use a transmission, including vehicles, stationary equipment, bicycles, and others.

The NuVinci technology is Transforming Gears into Spheres™ by using a set of rotating balls between the input and output components of a transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. NuVinci CVP technology can be configured to replace multiple planetary gears, providing significant efficiency or performance improvement in a compact package. The NuVinci technology offers companies the flexibility to design and produce next-generation products that are better tailored to their unique business, market, and competitive requirements. Major automotive transmission suppliers have licensed NuVinci technology for the development of automotive class drivetrains, and a market-leading supplier has licensed the technology and is developing NuVinci CVP transmissions for electric and gasoline light vehicle applications.

The first commercial products incorporating the technology are the currently available NuVinci N360™ bicycle transmission and the NuVinci Harmony™ auto shifting system for bicycles, which includes the N360. Fallbrook has built an extensive portfolio of over 600 patents and patent applications worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.fallbrooktech.com.

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