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Care packages fit for a dog a la BarkBox

BarkBox's recession proof biz

If every dog indeed has its day, one tech start-up is making the 15th of each month that day when boxes filled with toys and treats ship out to canines across the country.

BarkBox allows dog owners to spoil their furry friends by signing up for monthly gift boxes that are curated to include high-quality treats and unique toys, and are customized to a dog's size. It's tempting to describe it as the Birchbox for dogs, but the company's co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker told "Squawk Alley" that it's actually different. "[Dogs] don't want to try a treat; they want to consume the entire bag. And then they want more."

Compass, an American Cocker Spaniel from Brooklyn, sniffs over a BarkBox.
David Montalvo | CNBC

The cost of a BarkBox ranges from $29 a month for a one-month plan to a low $18 a month for a 12-month plan. The company says it has more than 200,000 customers and has shipped more than one million goodie boxes since its founding in December 2011. "Their dogs are their children," said Meeker of his customers, adding that more than 80 percent of them sign up for a longer-term plan than a month.

Meeker, who also co-founded, is optimistic the business still has plenty of room to grow, noting there are 45 million households in the United States with a dog and that the amount spent on pets last year has more than tripled in 20 years. "The spending is recession proof," he said.

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"You want healthy things that are made here," Meeker said. "We have a vet on-staff who reviews everything to make sure it is healthy."

—By CNBC's David Montalvo