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Cramer: This company should ‘frighten’ food industry


As part of CNBC's Disruptor 50 series, Jim Cramer spoke with a company that he says should frighten much larger rivals.

The company is Hampton Creek, No. 36 on CNBC's proprietary list of 50 private, venture-backed companies whose innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape.

"Hampton Creek is committed to finding new ways of utilizing plants to replace eggs in a variety of different products," explained Cramer. As a result, their products have little if any cholesterol and are viable for people who either can't eat animal protein or don't want to.

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Of course, as someone who closely follows healthy eating as an investable theme, Cramer is well aware that taste is critical. And he noted quite frankly, in the past, some healthy products haven't tasted very good.

"I was raised with a dad like that. I could never convince him to eat healthy," noted Hamptons Creek CEO Josh Tetrick on "Mad Money."

Tetrick was therefore committed to making sure that his food not only tasted good, it tasted great.

After trying the company's new egg-equivalent products, Cramer declared them to be "absolutely delicious." (The company made cookies available to the "Mad Money" staff and they, too, were delicious.)

And Hamptons Creek isn't just disrupting the industry with good taste; they're also upending the distribution channel. That is, Hamptons Creek isn't just sold in high end natural markets such as Whole Foods, "We're also in Safeway, Costco and we're launching in Dollar Tree," Tetrick said.

Cramer thinks making the products widely available is shrewd. Considering the growing popularity of plant based beverages such as almond milk, Cramer thinks people from all walks of life will embrace Hamptons Creek products.

In fact, Cramer thinks Hamptons Creek could transform the landscape of the food industry, entirely. "If I were in the food business I would be frightened," Cramer noted.

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Although Cramer can see the company as the target of an acquisition, comments from Tetrick suggest he would spurn an offer. "We've gotten a few acquisition offers already, but we like being independent. We want to change the world."

If that's not disruptive, what is?

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