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Gadgets to make those summer days more fun

Cool summer gadgets

With summer now here, there are plenty of gadgets to consider if you want those warm days to be filled with more fun.

Here are a few standouts recommended by Katie Linendoll, tech expert for

LED golf balls: For those serious golfers, these balls illuminate upon impact to make it easier to see where they've landed on the course. However, a user better find it quick because the lights automatically go out after eight minutes, said Linendoll. Each ball has about 40 hours of battery life and come in a pack of three for $30.

Waterproof wireless speaker: If you're someone who loves the beach, the Abco Tech waterproof wireless speaker may be worth considering. It works within 30 feet of any Bluetooth device or phone, and streams music or FM radio and also has a built-in mic for phone calls. The speaker also comes with a swivel hanger, so that a user can hook it on a rack or rod, or can place it on a flat surface. For just $24, the speaker's sound is decent, said Linendoll. There are also other alternative beach speakers to consider such as the NUU Splash.

Scottevest gadget gear: For those who have tons of gadgets but no place to put them, here is a tech-ready clothing line aimed at making those gadgets easy to carry around while hiking, camping or just taking a walk. This clothing line, which starts at $55 depending on the item, is geared more toward men and includes boxers, cargo shorts, hoodies and vests that are lined with hidden pockets for storing your gadgets.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro