Morgan Drexen Provides Employees With Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Lunch

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COSTA MESA, Calif., June 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a measure to prepare employees for an earthquake's destruction, Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems, a leading provider of software and support services to businesses nationwide, ( today teamed with the American Red Cross to offer a Disaster Preparedness presentation to the more than 200 employees at its corporate headquarters located in Southern California's earthquake active area of Costa Mesa, California.

The goal of today's presentation was to make sure employees were aware of what could lie ahead of them in the event a powerful earthquake would suddenly strike, and what they could do now to be prepared for that day when it arrives.

"It isn't a matter of 'if' a major earthquake will happen, it's a matter of when," said Morgan Drexen's CEO, Walter Ledda. "It's absolutely vital that people are prepared for this kind of a disaster – one that will one day strike without any warning."

The Human Resources department at Morgan Drexen who regularly works with the Red Cross on blood drives throughout the year, invited veteran earthquake training volunteer John Butler to make the educational presentation and teach the company's employees how to be "earthquake-ready."

"I've been through several powerful earthquakes, so I have a unique understanding of what people can do right now to prepare themselves for such a disaster," said Butler just before the presentation began. "Today my goal is to teach everyone what they need to have in their disaster preparedness plan, both in the way of food, water, and safety, as well as the plan for communicating with family members who may be stranded in other locations for days."

The Disaster Preparedness presentation included tips for every aspect of preparation, including making your home earthquake-proof, building a proper disaster kit, and knowing how to get through the first 48 hours without power, water, and travel. The presentation included what could be perhaps the most important aspect of preparation, having a plan to let family members know that everyone is safe as well as where to reunite.

"I was surprised to learn that preparing for a disaster is not as difficult as people think it is," said Thomas Leftwich, from Human Resources. "It's really a matter of writing down what you use in any 7 day period and then gathering up those items and packing them in an easy to access location and add extra cash, personal products and prescriptions."

In addition to the creation of an earthquake survival kit, the presentation talked about preparing a home or apartment by placing heavy objects low to the ground, and using secure brackets for things attached to the walls or shelves.

"Another key message is to get the whole entire family involved so that when a disaster strikes, everyone in the family knows exactly what to do," added Butler.

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