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This chart says Starbucks is over-caffeinated

This chart says Starbucks is over-caffeinated

Talk about a caffeine kick.

Shares of Starbucks got a serious jolt Thursday, up more than 2 percent and hit a three-month high, after UBS upgraded the coffee giant to "buy" from "neutral."

In an analyst note, UBS cited four main reasons for the upgrade: 1) potential upside to consensus expectations; 2) increased conviction for sustainable growth; 3) reduced fears of operational risk; 4) attractive valuation.

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But with coffee prices up around 45 percent this year, should you buy Starbucks for your portfolio?

"We all know Starbucks is a fine company here, but I think both traders and investors alike need to manage their expectations and in fact, I think the best days are behind this stock," said Auerbach Grayson's global technical analyst Richard Ross.

Ross pointed out a number of technical indicators that could spell trouble for the stock. "Keep in mind last year since breaking above the 50-day moving average, the stock was up 50 percent, we then get a 17 percent pull back, we take out the 50-day and the 200-day, which is bad, we get a 50-day crossing below the 200-day, once again you don't like to see that."

In addition, Starbucks shares are down more than 1 percent this year, and trading just below a key level of resistance at $80 per share, both causes for concern according to Ross.

"Once again the best days are behind Starbucks, you're not going to get hurt too badly here, famous last words, but I don't love the stock, I think this is far from a compelling entry point as today's bullish upgrade has suggested," he said.

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But Steve Cortes of Veracruz TJM admittedly needs his coffee fix, and is right on board with UBS' upgrade. "Betting against Starbucks has been a losing proposition for a long time. This is an incredibly well-managed company."

And contrary to Ross' call, Cortes thinks the best days for Starbucks are still ahead. "It has been a laggard on the year, and the main reason for that was that coffee prices were absolutely soaring the first 4-months of the year, but that situation has turned around dramatically," he said, pointing out a decline in coffee prices will significantly help Starbucks' margins. "I am a fan, I am a customer, viva Colombia and viva Starbucks."