Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic Offers Health Coaching Through New Sister Company

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Living healthy just became easier for Fort Worth residents. Back to Health Family Chiropractic has opened a new sister company that specializes in educating patients about making healthy lifestyle choices. The new company will focus on the four key pillars of health and wellness taught by certified health coach Nancy Michlin, M.Ed. to assist patients in making healthy lifestyle choices.

The new company, Back To Health 4 Life!, offers coaching on health and wellness from certified health coach Nancy Michlin. She is the co-owner of Back to Health Family Chiropractic with her husband Dr. Chris Michlin. Nancy Michlin also serves as the Marketing and Patient Education Director, Practice Manager, and Health Coach.

"Opening Back To Health 4 Life! is a thrilling milestone for our family," Michlin said. "This will make it possible to further serve all the needs of our patients and guide them to the best path toward building a healthier life."

Back to Health 4 Life! incorporates four pillars of health and wellness. Get On B.A.S.E.! (Breathe, Act, Smile, and Eat).

The Breathe! pillar centers on the idea of reducing stress in a person's life. Michlin explains, "Stress is a contributing negative factor to all major illnesses and medical conditions. Reducing stress can bolster your immune system and help your body ward off diseases more effectively." The Act! pillar strives to increase physical activity, and reduce the kind of sedentary lifestyle that Michlin warns can bring on weight gain (which can contribute to a whole host of preventable medical conditions), weakened muscles, bones and organs.

Positive energy and having a gratitude life focus influences the philosophy behind the Smile! pillar, while a balanced diet is the core element behind the Eat! pillar. Michlin says, "Good food has healing power. With everything you eat, you are either moving toward health or illness. Healthy eating paves the way for healthy living. We want to teach people that making smart choices at meal time is essential to having a strong body."

Michlin is focusing her health coaching on these four pillars because she says these same principles helped her survive her own fight with breast cancer.

"These pillars are about empowering people to make healthy lifestyle choices," Michlin said. "Eating healthy, staying active, reducing your stress, and having a positive attitude are all important ingredients in the recipe for a healthier life. It is the same recipe I want to share with everyone."

Back to Health Family Chiropractic serves the Fort Worth area. The clinic offers spinal adjustments to treat neck and back pain stemming from multiple neuromuscular and skeletal conditions. Additional services available to patients include nutritional counseling, corrective exercises and stretches, lifestyle advice, blood pressure testing, and spinal and postural screenings.

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