Queens Chiropractor Treats Car Accident Injuries

QUEENS, N.Y., June 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Congestion in the early morning commute, texting while driving, and distracted drivers are all common causes of car accidents -- and the injuries often sustained as a result. Queens chiropractor Dr. James Lee, DC advises people suffering from a car accident injury such as whiplash not to despair. "The best time to see us for car accident injuries is directly following the incident," said Dr. Lee. Even if the incident was not recent, if an accident victim is still experiencing pain, Dr. Lee says chiropractic can help.

People who have sustained whiplash as a result of car accident injuries are encouraged by Queens chiropractor Dr. Lee to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. Dr. Lee said, "Directly following an auto accident is an ideal time to see a chiropractor to prevent long-term injury from setting in." Ligaments, bones, tendons and fascia push and pull on vertebrae upon force of impact when vehicles collide. Because of the high probability for eventual discomfort, the chiropractor insists that immediately after a car accident has taken place is the best time to determine if a fracture or soft tissue damage has taken place.

Dr. Lee also added, "Many people who are not experiencing pain following car accidents can't see the importance of visiting a chiropractor. However, it is not uncommon for pain to set in days or weeks after the accident, resulting in more serious injuries in the long run."

Dr. Lee explains that the first step in auto accident injury treatment is diagnosing any potential fractures or strains. From here, he says a plan is developed for pain relief care. Once the initial stages of injury care are complete, a preventive wellness plan falls into place to prevent future injuries and pain. Treatment for long-term chronic pain from old car accident injuries may take longer than injuries from a recent accident, but the chiropractor says chronic pain patients can still expect positive results. "Everyone heals at their own rate, depending on the auto accident injuries they have sustained and overall health status. Chiropractic care helps people at every stage of the game."

Dr. Lee is available immediately following car accidents. He takes a comprehensive approach to treating whiplash in Queens, including a combination of massage therapy, traditional chiropractic methods, and spinal decompression. Massage therapy is used for healing soft tissues and helping structures realign for short- and long-term relief. Certain patients may be more likely to respond to chiropractic care when spinal adjustments are coupled with massage therapy.

Dr. Lee added, "I always advice patients not to let a car accident leave them with long term issues such as herniated discs, back pain, neck pain, and headaches."

Dr. Lee's Spine Center offers treatment for auto accident injuries, sciatica, herniated discs, sports injuries, neck pain, fibromyalgia and more.

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