CCTV Script 23/06/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on June 23, Monday.

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It happens to most people.... Pushing open cubicle doors in restrooms to see which is vacant for use.

But a recent invention - Tooshlights - might just change the way we use restrooms and hopefully can help patrons get through long lines faster.

CNBC's Jane Wells has more.

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Yet it remains an un-taped business opportunity. For example, isn't there an easier way to figure out which stalls are empty? You need to use the restroom in a public facility and the line is extremely long. A musician turned entreprenuer thinks he has an answer.

[Allen Klevens / Co-founder & CEO, Tooshlights] "If the facility cares about their patrons, who wants them to do this?"

Alan Clevins and his business partner noticed that parking lots could signal open spaces so they created "Tooshlights," a similar system for the bathroom.

[Allen Klevens / Co-founder & CEO, Tooshlights] "You walk into the stall, you close the door, you lock the door, and wah-la the light turns red."

Unlatch the door, and the light turns green. You do have to latch the door for the lights to work.

[Allen Klevens / Co-founder & CEO, Tooshlights] "If you're that stupid enough to not lock the bathroom door, you deserve to get walked in on."

Clevins and his partner displayed a can-do attitude, self funding develop of Tooshlights in the low 6-figures. An app is coming, their first customer is the Hollywood Bowl, no pun intended. But Tooshlights arent cheap, costing a few hundred dollars a stall to install. Clevins says however the system delivers more than lights, it tells stadium owners where people are going.

[Allen Klevens / Co-founder & CEO, Tooshlights] "So that they're able to build their business, whether its concessions, whether its selling t-shirts, beer, coke, etc, to gear them to which restroom to go to."

How do you or anyone in line know which stall is available? And while Tooshlights are meant for botht he mens and womans restrooms, this is a much bigger deal for ladies, am I right?

[Allen Klevens / Co-founder & CEO, Tooshlights] "Are you the one that keeps your foot on the door as you use the bathroom?"

Jane Wells

"And I'll put my purse, like, right by the edge so, like, hellooo I'm in here."

Clevins hopes that if Tooshlights performs well at the Bowl this summer, his business will get the green light to expand. Jane Wells, CNBC Business News, Hollywood.

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