America's Top States for Business 2014
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America’s cheapest states to live in 2014

Woman riding her bike along beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina

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10. South Carolina

Despite what you may have heard, South Carolina is the largest producer of peaches in the country. The 10th cheapest state to live in touts this distinction in the city of Gaffney with a 135-foot-tall water tower painted like a giant peach, aptly named the Peachoid. Buying the pitted fruit here won't break the bank, though—the cost of a can of peaches averages $2.50. Peachy keen.

  • 2014 Cost of Living rank: 10th cheapest
  • 2014 Cost of Living score: 41 (out of 50)
  • 2013 Cost of Living rank: #19th cheapest
  • Average home price (Hilton Head Island Metro): $323,466
  • Half gallon of milk: $2.69
  • T-bone steak: $10.38
  • Monthly energy bill: $171.39
  • Doctor visit: $114.17
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