5 critical steps for Ukrainian energy independence


Ukraine badly wants to become energy-independent—thereby freeing itself from Russia's massive influence on the country—but the embattled nation has yet to find a way.

Ukrainian soldiers guard a roadblock along the highway on April 30, 2014 near Slavyansk, Ukraine.
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But it can be done, according to a story in, which says that there are exactly five steps Ukraine should take in order to "disentangle itself from the Russian-driven geopolitical gas war."

First and foremost among the steps Ukraine should take, Oilprice says, is to "sell its pipeline system." Last week, a bill was entered into Ukraine's parliament that proposes the country sell minority stakes in its pipelines to buyers from the United States and European Union. Russia uses those pipelines to transport natural gas to its European buyers.

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Other steps include selling state interests in energy company Ukrnafta and developing liquefied natural gas imports, Oilprice says.

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