Carl's Jr. tests bisnut, a new hybrid dessert

Just when you may have thought restaurants had run out of desserts to combine, a new hybrid has hit the menu at select Carl's Jr. locations, BrandEating reports.

Enter the bisnut, a mash-up of a biscuit and a donut, that's available in select Southern California locations during breakfast hours.

Carl's Jr. Bisnut.
Source: nevaRWilliams | Twitter

The dessert is one of the latest entrants in a segment that's ballooned during the past year. The cronut, a croissant and donut combo created by one New York City bakery, first sparked the craze. Since then, wonuts, Crumbnuts, duffins, mallomacs and more have exploded onto the culinary scene.

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In fact, hybrid desserts ranked as the top dessert trend in an annual survey of chefs by the National Restaurant Association.

Carl's Jr.'s bisnut follows several other iterations of hybrid desserts by national chains, including Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Crumbs Bake Shop, clamoring to profit from the trend.

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