UBIC Subsidiary Payment Card Forensics Launches PCI DSS Training Service


TOKYO, June 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UBIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:UBIC) (TSE:2158), a leading provider of international litigation support and big-data analysis services, announced today that its Payment Card Forensics, Inc. (PCF) subsidiary launched a new service to train and qualify information technology (IT) engineers in the latest e-commerce site security protocols, including the recognized industry standard known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS.

PCI DSS is an internationally-adopted, information security standard intended to improve e-commerce site security and reduce payment card information theft and fraud. PCI DSS was developed by The PCI Security Standards Council, an open global forum that includes the five international payment card companies VISA Inc., MasterCard Inc., JCB Co., Ltd., American Express Co. and Discover Financial Services.

The objective of PCF's training program is to increase the number of software developers in Japan who are familiar with the latest e-commerce security protocols and best practices. This, knowledgeable UBIC and PCF executives say, will help improve e-commerce site security generally and better prepare Japanese system-development and operational companies to compete for compliance-related new business opportunities coming out of the credit card and e-commerce industries now.

Two-level program helps meet demand for e-commerce compliance expertise

The PCI DSS training program was developed by PCF, a qualified security assessor (QSA), well-grounded in the investigation of credit card information theft and Japan's first qualified PCI forensic investigator (PFI).

Provided in partnership with ITEC Inc., which delivers IT training services for software developers in Japan, PCF's PCI DSS training is offered in two tracks – a basic course and an entry-level practical course.

  • The basic course helps deepen understanding of PCI DSS through lessons on the basics of information security related to e-commerce sites.
  • The entry-level practical course provides the minimum knowledge necessary for appropriately implementing such processes as PCI DSS-compatible system development and operation as well as troubleshooting.

Creation of this new training program comes at a negligible cost to the parent company.

About Payment Card Forensics, Inc.

Payment Card Forensics (PCF) is a subsidiary of UBIC, Inc. that provides forensic investigation and evaluation services related to payment cards, also vulnerability assessments and PCI DSS compliance support services. For more information, visit www.pcf.co.jp/e_index.html.

About ITEC, Inc.

ITEC, Inc. provides education services that help information processing engineers prepare for qualifying exams. The company provides correspondence education services, book publishing and sales and Employee training services. For more information, visit www.itec.co.jp.

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UBIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:UBIC) (TSE:2158) is a leading provider of e-discovery and digital forensic services for Asia and the world. UBIC has extensive experience working with electronically stored information composed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages and utilizes that expertise for clients involved in cross-border litigation, corporate investigations, intellectual property disputes and much more. At the forefront of e-discovery innovation, UBIC's proprietary Lit i View® platform is moving the industry from "fact discovery" to "future discovery" by allowing clients to analyze e-mail messages and digital communications found in big data to reveal patterns in human thought and behavior.

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