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Apple vs. Google: Who will control our living rooms?

Christina Medici Scolaro
Tech Yeah! The battle for your living room

Google wants to be everywhere with its Android operating system powering our cars, wearables and TVs. That's a noble idea, but Apple wants to be everywhere too. This means the battle continues as to which company is going to control our lives.

Google unveiled three new smartwatches at its software developer's conference Wednesday. "It's the same old story, instead of looking on your phone to see your text and who's calling you, check your wrist. I don't know any young people that wear watches now and I don't see them running out to buy one," said Jefferson Graham, tech columnist at USA Today.

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Can Apple pull through? Apple has the retail platform that Google doesn't have. All eyes will be waiting to see if Apple can capitalize on what all other smartwatch makers couldn't do when it releases the iWatch this fall.

On smartphones, Graham said Google would have to be considered the big winner. "I think there is more innovation in the phones right now with Google," Graham said. He added, "Apple hasn't done anything new since Steve Jobs died."

The living room platform is the next biggest hot topic. Google unsuccessfully tried to get in to living rooms a few years ago with Google TV.

Apple vs Google: A race for the connected world

It's trying again, but this time with the familiar software interface, Android, to help people find stuff to watch.

"I think they've got a leg up on everybody right now because they have those relationships with Samsung and LG for the watches, we're talking the two major manufacturers, and they said that Sony is going to take this as well. So three of the top three TV manufacturers are going to have Android TV on all the new sets, so that is a big, huge advantage. I think this time they're doing it right," Graham said.

By CNBC's Christina Medici Scolaro