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CHICAGO, June 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AlgoFast, an event trading software platform, launches the first fully digital event trading platform available to retail consumers at Techweek in Chicago from June 23-27. The innovative trading platform changes the face of personal investing by allowing users to make intelligent automated trading decisions based on how real-world events impact the markets.

AlgoFast is a powerful web investment engine that is adaptable, scalable, and completely user-defined. The platform aims to replace the traditional "Buy and Hold" strategy by giving investors the ability to automate their event trading strategies. Users set and adjust their own automated trading guidelines, and if a given event "qualifies," AlgoFast reacts accordingly to the shifting global marketplace, instantly taking action based on the fastest and most reliable news intelligence available.

"The most important aspect of this system is that users have access to and control over their investment strategies. We've translated the complicated network of algorithms that drives AlgoFast into a plain English vocabulary that anyone can learn and manipulate, making the platform attractive to both savvy and less experienced investors," Justin Bouchard, CEO of AlgoFast, said.

Developed by Bouchard, trader and founder of Bouchard Trading, AlgoFast combines the power of cloud computing with the tactical intelligence of the digital news cycle, resulting in an unprecedented web tool. With a highly advanced backend and system of algorithms, along with a layman-translated interface, AlgoFast turns good market instincts into a functional, round-the-clock trading strategy. The platform targets the "Gen Digital Investor," a new wave of investors that are more technologically savvy and risk averse than previous generations.

Bouchard, who is a longtime advocate for the democratization and demystification of trading, stated, "Every day things happen that change the face of the investment market dramatically. Often these events are fairly easy to interpret in terms of stock prices, but in order to take advantage of the overwhelming amounts of information, investors need a system in place at all times."

Bouchard continued, "The best and brightest traders can respond to information within a few seconds. Acting quickly has always been an important part of investing, but the benefits of AlgoFast go far beyond just speed. When investment planning, you should have an idea of the action you'll take if certain things happen to your investments. By automating that plan, you're not only beating everyone who isn't using computerized trading, but you're also forcing yourself to stay committed to your plan rather than acting on market noise and emotion."

AlgoFast is established on a cloud network, and is active 24 hours a day, even when the markets are closed, or when users are not connected to the internet. News from the most trusted sources in international journalism, including Thompson Reuters and NASDAQ arrives within milliseconds of being published. "Events" currently pertain to economic events, but AlgoFast is in the process of expanding to additional event categories.

Bouchard concludes, "People are intimidated by the stock market, but the main advantage an experienced trader has over a layman is a broad information base and an informed approach to trading. With AlgoFast, both are readily available. That's what we're offering: Good information and the power to implement a proactive system."


AlgoFast is a patent pending event based software platform that allows individual and institutional investors to execute automated trades in response to a wide array of economic and corporate indicators. Through its proprietary algorithms that integrate various news feeds with multiple predetermined settings by the user, the Company's software triggers trades upon receipt of relevant economic data from various sources including Thomson Reuters and NASDAQ.

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