NJ woman sues ex-bosses over stressful commute

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A New Jersey woman is suing her former employer, claiming her bosses refused to allow her to change her work schedule after her rush hour commute left her diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression, according to an article in the Courier-Post.

Court documents cited in the article say Andrea DeGerolamo's bosses at Fulton Financial did not accommodate her doctor-mandated request to avoid rush hour traffic by arriving later in the day and leaving early.

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She took a medical leave in 2012 after she "began to feel great anxiety and depression, which was especially aggravated by crowded roadways experienced during the heavy traffic of rush hour," according to papers cited in the story. The company briefly changed her schedule, but later "made no effort to accommodate her," the article said. Fulton Financial also allegedly changed her duties improperly to "clerical-type work," and fired her soon after she complained to the firm's ethics committee. DeGerolamo is seeking unspecified amount in damages.

Read the full story in the Courier-Post.

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