Chandler Clinic Announces New Technology to Revolutionize the Practice of Giving Shots

CHANDLER, Ariz., June 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractor Dr. Radman Rahiminejad, DC, announces the use of new technology for delivering shots in his Chandler, AZ BackFit Health + Spine clinic. The technology uses a needleless system for delivering subcutaneous injections in patients. "Chandler residents no longer need to worry about their fears of needles," says Dr. Rahiminejad, "but that's only part of the benefit this technology brings to the table."

Many people, according to Dr. Radman Rahiminejad, DC, consider getting shots is an unpleasant experience. The BackFit Health + Spine Clinic in Chandler, AZ believes the solution for changing the way people view shots can be found in the Biojector® 2000.

The Biojector® represents the latest available technology for shots today and chiropractor Dr. Rahiminejad says his onsite physician is excited to offer it to local patients. "Needle fears are no laughing matter," says Dr. Rahiminejad. "There are many patients who skip treatments that could greatly improve their quality of life because of a fear of needles. The Biojector® device removes that fear from the equation. Biojector® treatments are administered by a certified professional at our clinics, and I have heard patients talk about how grateful they are that we offer this technology."

Dr. Rahiminejad goes on to explain the other benefits this new technology offers patients and healthcare professionals alike.

One risk for healthcare professionals is the risk of nicks or accidental needle pricks. Since this device has no needle or sharp edges, the chiropractor emphasizes it simply does not pose that particular risk.

For patients, in addition to eliminating the fear factor associated with needles and other sharp objects, the Chandler chiropractor says the Biojector also represents a reduced risk of cross contamination and increased accuracy of dosage measurements.

Another benefit of the Biojector® tool, according to Dr. Rahiminejad, is the fact that, "The tool eliminates technique-related difficulties often associated with the administration of shots. You no longer have to worry about shots that go well with one technician and then seem to miss their target completely with another."

Currently, the Biojector® is an effective tool used to for pain management efforts in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. It works by using CO2 cartridges to create a very fine, extremely high pressure stream of medication that penetrates the skin and is deposited in the tissue beneath the skin.

While the Biojector® tool isn't available for all medical needs at this point in time, it is revolutionizing pain management treatment in chiropractor clinics throughout Arizona including the BackFit Health + Spine clinics. People interested in learning more about the Biojector® tool and its practical uses for needle-free pain management should contact BackFit Health + Spine.

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