Oplink Unveils WiseHome: Solutions for Smarter Connected Living

WiseHome by Oplink
Oplink Communications, Inc.

FREMONT, Calif., June 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oplink Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPLK), a leading provider of optical communication components, intelligent modules and subsystems, today unveiled WiseHome, a family of connected products for smarter living that includes home security, surveillance, safety, automation, and home health. A powerful mobile-cloud allows multiple groups of authorized Smartphone or tablet users to collaborate with their loved ones, to receive video alarm, alerts and control various homes devices in multiple locations from the palm of their hands. With our new WiseHome, consumers will get a truly affordable, user-friendly connected solution that adapts to a modern mobile, connected lifestyle.

Oplink Communications, Inc. today unveiled WiseHome, a family of cloud-based products for smarter connected living that includes home security, surveillance, safety, automation, and home health. A single app allows users to check in on their homes and loved ones and control household elements from the palm of their hands. With WiseHome, consumers have an affordable, user-friendly solution that adapts to a mobile, connected lifestyle.

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"The mobile-connected technology is becoming the lifestyle of the future," said Joe Liu, Chairman and CEO of Oplink. "WiseHome is a lifestyle product family that can be set up quickly and easily out of the box, instantly connecting people to their homes and loved ones. Oplink offers free connected mobile-cloud service, with an option for upgrade."

Product coming this Fall.

Features of the WiseHome by Oplink solution include:

Mobile App

The control interface to the WiseHome is a powerful and intuitive Smartphone app. It allows users to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications in-the-app, empowering users to make informed decisions when an event occurs. The app collaborates with multiple authorized users with multiple connected devices located at multiple locations. The app is free and is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Oplink Cloud

WiseHome products leverage Oplink's Smart & Secure Cloud. The Oplink Connected Collaboration Cloud aggregates incoming information, manages and distributes it securely, intelligently and instantly through a multicasting and broadcasting algorithm that uses a simple telephone number for user association, authentication, authorization and add-drop.

Oplink Processing Unit

The cutting-edge Oplink Processing Unit (OPU) is an intelligent hub at the heart of the WiseHome system. It communicates with the Oplink Cloud, and automatically connects and manages all security sensors, IP cameras, storage devices, all locally with the WiseHome Mobile App, which controls the system from any location.

Energy-Saving WiFi

WiseHome products use ultra-low-power WiFi with built-in energy-saving features for simplicity and convenience, resulting in longer battery life with improved reliability, less maintenance and peace of mind.

The WiseHome family of products targets five key areas for a well-connected home:

Security: WiseHome security products include sensors and video cameras that, when triggered, capture audio, live video and photos and send alerts directly to a user's mobile device anywhere. Added intelligence allows for a parallel notification system that contacts the owner and authorized friends and family to receive the same notifications at once.

Surveillance: WiseHome cameras collaborate with sensors that trigger recording, push audio video notification. It also allows remote viewing. Features include 2-way audio, night vision and motion detection.

Safety: WiseHome safety products start with an integrated sonic and gradient heat sensor that works with existing smoke detectors to alert multiple Smartphone users remotely upon local siren alarms, relating to possible fire issues in the home.

Automation: WiseHome WisePlug allows users to remotely control in-home lighting, thermostat, garage door opener and appliances from mobile devices.

Home Health: WiseHome in-home health products are aimed to assist individuals better manage their life. Products include an emergency button, when pressed, alerts designated family, friends, or caregivers.

For a complete listing of products, pricing and availability, please visit www.wisehome.oplinkconnected.com.

About WiseHome by Oplink:

WiseHome by Oplink Connected, a division of Oplink Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPLK), is a new smart hub and an elegant line of low powered WiFi devices for the security, safety, surveillance, health and automation markets. Oplink Connected offers next-gen mobile collaboration, multicast communication solutions and platform for various service providers. Our disruptive advantages are real-time mobile multiple group interoperability, manageability, video monitoring and conferencing, alarm, alerts, secured digital electronic record sharing, etc. These powerful features are essential to the potential growth of mobile interoperability within the home, enterprise, education & healthcare industries. www.OplinkConnected.com.

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