Think it, buy it: Executing the trade in 25 years

A hologram? A chip in your brain? Don't count them out as possible trading mechanisms in 25 years.

"I literally think you will be able to think about it and own it," ICE CEO Jeff Sprecher said.

With the rapid expansion of technology in the marketplace, many traders say the days of manually entering orders are long gone.

"In 25 years, the market's going to even more of a virtual marketplace than it is," CNBC contributor Kenny Polcari said. "You'll almost be able to think what you want to do and get it done. You want to buy something, you think it, and you will buy it."

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Others say trading could be as easy as telling your smart watch to "buy" or "sell."

"In 25 years, I think that I'll be trading on a very beautiful watch of some kind which I'll be able to buy in the jewelry store," NYSE floor veteran Doreen Mogavero said. "I'll be able to do it from the beach. I'll be able to do it from anywhere."

Many investors agree that wearable devices could play a big role in executing trades in the decades to come.

"Retail investing will look much more graphic" said Rich Repetto, principal at Sandler O'Neill and Partners. "They'll be able to do it without raising a phone or they'll be able to do it off their eyeglasses or watch."

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As the trading process becomes more seamless, Repetto said to consider all possibilities.

"A hologram is very feasible in 25 years."

— By CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze and Dominic Chu