Aptean Earns TEC Certification for Process Manufacturing

ATLANTA, July 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Aptean announced that its Ross ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution has been certified by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) for its process manufacturing suite. From the certification report:

"Ross ERP ranks higher than the average competitive solution in the process manufacturing ERP solution space," writes Ted Rohm, senior research analyst at TEC. "TEC data shows that Ross is stronger than the average solution in the financials, process manufacturing management, inventory management, quality management and sales management functional areas.

"The Ross business platform is rich and full-featured, providing all the key tools an organization needs to make the most out of an ERP system investment."

Aptean's Ross ERP solution is designed to significantly improve production scalability and product visibility for manufacturers that work with recipes and formulas. Ross ERP helps successfully manage the variability and complexities of their products and processes, as well as accurately account for all raw material and finished products. From one plant to dozens, in multiple countries, languages and currencies, Ross ERP also can be easily rolled out to achieve business process standardization across a global enterprise.

Addressing specific needs of process manufacturers regarding recipe and formula management, the capabilities of Ross ERP were confirmed during TEC certification sessions, and the solution was certified in TEC's ERP manufacturing model. The study noted a number of particular needs addressed by Ross, including:

  • Product traceability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Product costing
  • Quality control
  • Recipe, material and yield management
  • Inventory management
  • Financial Reporting

A complimentary copy of the TEC Certification Report is available at http://tec.ec/1VX.

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